Thread for responding to lies spread by JazzyFresh

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It can be considering/difficult balancing the various preferences board users. I understand the reaction of people who don’t read to read an exchange with a poster who seems more interested in spin than in fact, but I’m one of the people who think it is also important to counter lies. Hence, this thread, at least for the time being.

To be clear, since JazzyFresh’s kind of sensitive about insults, I do not mean by the title of the thread that JazzyFresh knows he is spreading lies. He might believe everything he types. That does not change how most of them are lies, often created by other people that know they are lying.

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It's so crazy to me that this was Trump's VERY NEXT SENTENCE and the media left this purposely out knowing stupid people would not question them. Oliver knew this too.
That's because all the people who attended the rally in opposition to removing the statues were, by default, supporting white nationalism (the reason the statues went up in the first place). If you don't believe that, name a different, believable reason.

Here's more for the evil ones to celebrate. Thriller is pleased obviously if you read how much pure hate is in the guy.
The Thriller has never expressed pleasure at the shooting of a police officer.

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I see Quin Snyder is getting hated on now by the bigots here.
No one expressed hatred for Snyder in here.

You literally hate anybody that doesn't conform to your group think ...
No one hates conservatives, either. we all see how you all couldn't handle the truth so you, like teenagers bullied anyone who actually answered me. "I don't like that kid don't talk to him". I get it you gotta be popular no matter what.
You are lying about their motives for a response embargo.

stand up against these guys. Don't let them bully you.
No one is being bullied into not responding to you. You are confusing "persuade" and "plead" with "bully". This is typical of people who can't handle real responses.

As much as they want to make this Communist China(literally the #1 rule of communism is to get rid of different view points and silence them(look it up)) they will never prevail.
You have confused communism with tyranny. There are plenty of non-Communist tyrannical states that don't allow public criticism of the leaders.

Ask yourself a question for me... Why, in Utah, are there only one or two Trump supporters part of this discussion in a completely red state?
For a few years, there were almost no liberal voices in General Discussion, and I found myself disagreeing with people on all sides. Why can't more conservatives thrive in that situation?

There are hundreds of Trump supporters on this forum I bet, but most are out there working and raising families keeping silent while posters here preach violence.
No individual poster here has preached violence.

I know you're out there and we'll see you at the ballots. The silent majority will not be silenced.
Conservatives always claim to be in the majority, and seldom are.

Not all people are evil communist like the Antifa living cop hating terrorist here
No person here is an antifa-living cop-hating terrorist.

I was looking forward to dominating you in debate face to face where you can't dodge questions. You guys were looking for violence but beside GF I'm not worried.
I have zero doubts your arguments are as silly, facile, and ineffective in person as they are in text.

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First schools and colleges are destroying the real history and downright evil of Nazi Germany. Now they are destroying the history of their confederate ancestors.
Colleges and universities are where history is preserved, and the Confederate monuments are the ones that distort history, by proclaiming the Confederate cause as one worthy of admiration.

Seems pretty simple. I mean I don't like kneeling and I think it's crazy that BLM is now working with Communist China
BLM is not working with any foreign power.

This is why you all are trying to Communistictally silence us.
No one is trying to silence you. Not responding to you means that you will free reign to say anything you like without so much as being corrected.

You have absolutely no answer besides using Communist silence tactics and throwing temper tantrums.
Actually, this is your own history of distorting answers that is the problem.

You've already shown here the inability to debate.
You can only "debate" when you discuss evidence under realistic standards.

“The survey is the latest showing Trump winning the ‘law and order vote’ as the country sees violence from the protests expand from big cities to smaller communities, such as Lancaster, Pennsylvania,” per the Examiner.
Wll then, I guess you don't need to worry about the election after all.

Wholeheartedly disagree. A) these terrorist groups were started under Bidens vice presidentcy.
I agree that many of the right-wing terrorist organiation started under Obama's Presidency. Having a black President really set them off.

Why do you think Trump won in the first place? Not because people liked him but because they didn't like Hillary.
That, and wanting conservative judges, and mis-applied campaign resources, and disinformation campaigns, etc.

Now look at Biden and go into this politics thread, nobody says a word about him or what he offers because he doesn't offer anything.
Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats have a party platform, and Biden has a very moderate agenda. It's so moderate, it's hard for conservatives to hate, so they pretend it's not there.

Yesterday the idiot waved at a non existent crowd.
He was waving at the fire fighters on the scene, acknowledging the working men.

Now Trump does stupid **** bit he's not seeing ghost.
Firefighters are not ghosts.

As far as the economy...
Taking credit for how the economy performed was his best play.


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One Brow is the best internet citizen on this site. It’s out of respect and admiration for him that I wish he applied his considerable talents to ACTUAL CONVERSATIONS that might generate something profound.

JazzyFresh has repeatedly demonstrated behavior equivalent to that of a toddler that needs to be put on Time Out. And, well, One Brow is capable of more than being his nanny.

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Erasing history like you all are doing with your great grandparents confederacy.
The history of the Confederacy will be preserved in scholarly articles and textbooks. We don't need monuments for that.

Then I come here and uneducated(indoctrinated) morons are comparing Trump and his followers to Hitler.
Forced sterilizations earn that comparison.

That was not a Nazi that was nothing more than a wannabe sleezebag. Pretty sure his kill count was zero and he lives in his mas basement.
Not all Nazis killed people. Most were just trying to get by, day to day. The leadership carefully chose the people that ran the death camps.

The silent make does not support Trump the silent majority on the other hand is against the current radical left, rioting, anti police, burning buildings, destroying innocent lives platform.
So are most Democrats, including Biden.

You really think hard working Americans want to abolish police?
Biden opposes defunding police.

Have left wing terror groups in their neighborhoods like they currently are?
I don't think they want terror groups from the right, either.

You think they support a group made by self proclaimed Marxist?
Well, there's the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party that dominates Minnesota politics. Some people would include the ACLU and the NAACP as founded, in part, by Communists.

... people on the left saying it's "chickens coming home to roost"?
Those "people on the left" being a half-dozen guys in LA?

He's making peace deals,
Deal, singular.

trying to stop Democrats from rioting,
Also to stop Republicans from rioting, since they are rioting more.

he's the only one trying to get the stimulus out after being forced to use EO,
Pelosi tried to get a stimulus deal, but was stymied by the Republican Senate.

he still working on trade deals, the economy, jobs while the rest of Washington fights.
He has plenty of pull to get the Senate to move on things, if he were so inclined.

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One Brow is the best internet citizen on this site. It’s out of respect and admiration for him that I wish he applied his considerable talents to ACTUAL CONVERSATIONS that might generate something profound.

JazzyFresh has repeatedly demonstrated behavior equivalent to that of a toddler that needs to be put on Time Out. And, well, One Brow is capable of more than being his nanny.
Thank you. However, there are plenty of people (with views no too dissimilar from mine) capable of having serious conversations with participants who want serious conversations. I don't mind filling in as the person showing that some posters have ideas that don't deserve a serious conversation.

And frankly, I don't know enough about basketball to pretend I know the value, or lack thereof, regarding Conley.


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Thank you. However, there are plenty of people (with views no too dissimilar from mine) capable of having serious conversations with participants who want serious conversations. I don't mind filling in as the person showing that some posters have ideas that don't deserve a serious conversation.

And frankly, I don't know enough about basketball to pretend I know the value, or lack thereof, regarding Conley.
Ok then. I’ll trust that you’ll continue to find good nutrients for your brain when you’re off this site..... because you’re venturing further into the anoxic zone of the internet here, and so you’ll have to hold your breath and pack enough food to get you through. Bon voyage.

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Republicans are trying to get the criminal who illegally wiped 20+ phones
No illegal wipiing exists, and no individual person wiped the phones.

and had some really stupid people believing that Russia and Trump colluded but he "doesn't have the time".... I wonder why?
There was collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. If nothing else, this is proven by Donald Trump Jr. meeting a Russian operative in Trump tower to get dirt on Joe Biden.

I wonder why he pleaded and begged that he be invisible from any of his own blatant criminal activity.
There is no "he" or 'she' to be invisible.

Oh well hopefully Comey spills the beans
There are no beans to spill.

Graham told "Hannity" that Comey will appear September 30th without necessitating a subpoena:
Comey has nothing to hide.

"The day of reckoning is upon us when it comes to Crossfire Hurricane," he said.
That day is November 3, hopefully.

How amazing it is that sheep think Trump colluded but Mueller said he didn't,
That's not what Mueller said. Mueller documented several instances of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but siad they did not rise to criminality.

so they/he make up "I can't say Trump obstructed but I can say that he didn't" idiotic contradicting statement and you guys eat it up.
Mueller knew there was obstruction, but didn't know exactly from whom.

Trump handed over millions of emails and document while Mueller literally destroyed cell phones.
Trump had to be subpoenaed, and Muller didn't destroy anything.

You sheep don't think a former head of the FBI knew those phones would be recalled for evidence?
The evidence would all be on the server for the phones. Detroying the phones would have destroyed no evidence.

Yeah, he knew he also know how stupid antiTrumpers are and they wouldn't even question it
We are smart enough to know the celular carrier has records of all the text conversations, emails, etc.

because they are sheep and will literally believe anything whether it be an anonymous source
Several anonymous sources, verified by several jouralist and organizations.

... said something happened even though transcripts prove it didn't
The summary actually did show it happened, to anyone who can read context.

I would ignore me too if I was you. I dismantle your entire thought process
Thank you for explaining why you have me on ignore.

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Funny I'm talking about Mueller whitewashing phones and you're taking about me....
Mueller did not whitewash phones, and you were complaining about being ignored.

You all believe anonymous sources with zero evidence. That's definitely intellectually honest.
Multiple sources, confirmed by multiple organizations, is evidence worth considering.

You fell for and still believe in the Russia hoax even after Mueller says there's was no collision.
Mueller never said that.

What did that change?
The impeachment changed very little.

Mueller literally destroys evidence and you stay silent.
Mueller did not destroy evidence.

You start a thread "let's impeach Trump" when he's done nothing wrong.
Trump has committed hundreds of impeachable offenses.

And you call me intellectually dishonest
Because you act in that manner.

Trump make some substantial peace deals in the middle east and there's not a word but I'm intellectually dishonest.
Since the peace deal was with Bahrain and the UAE, it was not significant.

People here call me a Nazi and say Trumpeters are going to murder 6 million people grossly
No one has claimed Trump will murder 6 million people.

but hey that intellectually honest...
Said while lying about what people claimed.

People like Thriller, fish, zombie Gameface call people they don't know racist for no reason other than to be mean,
This is a lie.

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Lol I know why they ignore me. Im the only one who challenges them and brings brings how brainwashed they are to light. It's insecurity nothing else.
You're projecting on to them the reason you ignore me.

People here can't so their answer is Communism and try to silence those of us who think differently.
Many communists believe in free speech, and many totalitarians are not communists.

It's because you all bully anybody that thinks different.
Some people can't deal with having their ideas criticized; it is too personal. I do not fault them for that.

How about you stop using oil? With no demand the less they drill. If everyone stops demanding it, it goes away.
UIf the price goes up, people will start turning to better alternatives.

The earth is 4+ billion years old and we think we can ruin it lol.
We won't ruin the earth, but we might ruin our ability to live in it. There have been 5 mass extinction events where no animal of our size, or much bigger than a mouse, survived.

Lol melodrama gets you all everytime.
So doea truth.

Fauci says otherwise
Except, not really.

Since I was busy. Politico is as anti Trump as it gets.
It's pretty sad that you have to characterize a somewhat-conservative publicaiton like Politico as anti-Trump.

..., Fauci said no.
So, you think Trump was lying to Woodward? Or, is it more likely Fauci is trying to keep his job?

Finally some subpeonas and soon we will understand why the FBI and the Obama administration comitted blatant treason
The FBI and Obama did not commit treason.

and tried to overthrow an elected official.
There was no attempt to overthrow Trump.

Hopefully we eventually get Mueller to testify why he broke so many laws and obstructed justice.
Mueller did not break laws nor obstruct justice.

We wonder why out of everyone the criminal Democrats
Democrats are not more criminal that other polictical groups.

wanted Biden but it's very simple. If Biden wins Obama and his global mafia will be safe. If Trump wins the entire mob of Democrats and some Republicans will be exposed.
There is nothing to expose.

Lol you ever going to say anything on his peace deals or you going to ignore it.
Peace deal, singular, and with low-hanging fruit.

Nobody is talking to me
I'm talking to you.

Some guy brought up some obvious "fake republicans vs Trump" lady.
She was an actual Republican working for Trump.

And I posted Fauci saying the opposite.
Trump agrees with the lady.

I actually answer a lot you guys just don't like my answers so you lie and just say I didn't.
So answer me.

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You're literally only mad because I dismantled everything you stand for. You don't see me insecurely ignoring people no matter how many bigoted names they've called me.
I've never called you a bigoted name, and you ignore me.

He can't. There's a thing called the pesky constitution that Democrats are trying to destroy and bring in Communism.
Actually, it's mostly because he's not President.

If I was a troll, imagine the people responding knowing full well that i was . That's not me saying that I am, but you guys call me one then keep responding. I think that says more about you than me.
In my case, it's that even trolls need to have their trollish claims disputed.

This just reminded me of a few of you since you openly promote this. Trump is not the problem and never was.
Trump is a symptom of theproblem, not the problem in and of himself.

Oh and what's your thoughts on some prominent Democrat figures threatening civil war wanting to kill people like me if Trump does his job and constitutionally put in a Justice?
That their existence is fictional, and that you have confused warnings with threats.

Your party is filth
Everyone is a little dirty.

Lol saying people have good genes is bad now. Can you guys get any more childish.
When you combine that with "the race horse theory", it's an openly racist position.

You claim you are Republican but all you do is spew alt-leftism propaganda.
He's promoting very centrist propaganda.

I mean you have Democrats literally terrorizing people,
As well as Republicans literally terrorizing people, and to a larger degree.

executing people,
As well as Republicans, and to a larger degree.

calling for civil war
As well as Republicans, and to a larger degree.

and you radically stay silent but all you ever do is childishly take things intentionally out of context to manufacture hate.
As well as Republicans, and to a larger degree.


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Even tho I have Jazzy on ignore, I can still tell what he's saying in those quotes by One Brow's responses, and the fact that Jizzy never says anything new, or that's not part of the standard revolving set of Trumpist talking points.