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Thread for responding to transphobic comments

I see you posted AIO but I'm not going to waste my time on you. I have no idea what you've said.

I see you posted AIO but I'm not going to waste my time on you. I have no idea what you've said.
It doesn't matter. The exchange isn't about you. I was never going to change your mind. As Safetydan wrote, it is about the audience and they can read what I wrote.

Although I know you will never read this, I wish you no ill will. You have clearly made some choices in how you've raised your family that I would not have made, but I hope that you and yours do well.
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I see you've posted again, AIO. I hope it wasn't to me. I'm not listening. I am having a good time imagining you are responding to me however, when I don't hear a word you say. So if that's what you're doing, please continue. I like to laugh.
Nope. Women aren't handicapped males.
Wow, that must have seemed so profound to you when you typed it.

The restrictions on athletes need to be based on the binary of male and female genetics.
Such binary does not exist, even at the genetic level. I mean, it can be declared by fiat, but reality has a way of confounding fiats.

I think there should also be restrictions around testosterone but no measured level for any duration should allow males in the women's divisions.
That's not really thinking, just reacting.

They aren't women. They're trans-women,
Trans women are women.
... boys cosplaying as girls ...
You say you're not transphobic, and then dismiss the lives of trans people as "cosplay", which is highly transphobic.

If sport were about encouraging more active healthy lives, good sportsmanship, being a gracious loser or winner, teamwork, working towards a goal, challenging yourself to improve, etc., then why does that only come from competing in girls divisions?
It shouldn't. Since you can learn those things in either division, there is no harm in letting the girls learn with the girls.