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I wasn't talking about Mitchell though he would do just fine as a point guard.
The reason people want holiday, kemba or Conley is because getting more talent is always a good thing.

We have a good small forward, a good power forward, and a good center but I still have desire for guys like Durant, kahwi, embiid and jokic.

Just because you have a good point guard doesn't mean you wouldn't want more good point guards.

Bucks have bledsoe and brogdan for example. They are probably going to the NBA finals

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huh? so who's your good pg? who were you talking about if it's not DM?


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His salary would still be on the books.
It's kind of complicated, but I think you're right. If I understand it correctly, a player continues to be counted against the cap, but the team has the choice to continue to pay the player or not if they retire willingly.


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I will say that the past doesn't always make for a good indicator of the future though.
It generally is. Which is the main reason to respect and to study history.

I don't think his body can handle the rigors of the NBA, frankly. His body doesn't explode like Exum's, he just gets these sprains, strains, and whatever else just about every time he plays significant minutes.

He's a perfect 3rd string player.


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Renouncing Favs + Rubio has to get us pretty close, close enough that we could maneuver around draft time to firmly get there before FA starts.

Favors is a really interesting piece; the deadline for exercising team options is about a week before FA opens. Can't imagine we hold onto him if we have a max-level target we feel likely to land, but the FO really values Favs. Gonna be interesting.

Yep it will. Because if they don’t pick up the team option and no big FA come here we may lose Favs and strike out. That would be a nightmare in my eyes.