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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz


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Thinking about it, I wouldn't be surprised if Sacto wound up trading for Mitchell. They are in the "throw **** against a wall to see what sticks" mode.


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DM going to Sacramento would be rich. It would definitely point out to him that his passive aggressive stuff and inability to say “hey, I want to win and I want to work together with Rudy and the franchise to do whatever we can” really would bite him in the ***, going from the first seed to playing for the Kings.


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Not saying he’s right, but just for reference Bill Simmons has Barnes at #16 and a Donovan at #34 in his Trade Value Column. I just think he (Barnes) has more value than Donovan and I’d bet that the TOR FO agrees


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I'd love to see a Murray, Mitchell, Hueter, Holmes trade with 4 1st rounders for Mitchell/Bogey.

You arent getting 4 first from anyone other than OKC or NYK.
A very financially "clean" trade could center around Murray, Mitchell and Heurter for DM. (A lot more questions on fit for each team, however).

But this blows any Knicks offer out of the water in terms of returning players. So yes, no way that many picks would be coming back.