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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

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I think Gay can improve his value. He looked a little washed but also is now a full year removed from the surgery he had. He looked a little heavy last year. Issue is he is another vet taking time from prospects. Fine for a month or so but if showcasing him doesn't work just cut him and eat the salary.


Sorry for yelling, it just feels like they pulled my dick then punched me in the balls and bounced.

They have positioned themselves very well for an unprecedented opportunity and the most important part of the plan is being so bad that they are guaranteed a decent lottery pick and the highest odds possible, not the Knicks purgatory range.

Have y’all been seeing some of Vic’s recent play, BTW. Holy moly. He’s started to get fierce, more explosive, and more confident. Health permitting he is a lock for at least a legit franchise player.


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I love Jae and wish we kept him but..... he should be playing for contenders and we want to lose