Travis Leslie:D-League Call up. WTH?


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Excited to watch this guy. I know he was known as a freakish athlete while in college. He can get into the paint with ease and defends well, so it should be interesting.


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He is wearing #23? What a *******! Doesn't he know our history? No one on this roster should ever wear the jersey of sir pushoff. Dude cost us 2 championships.
Maybe he can redeem the number......

As for him being a point guard, what did he play in the NBDL? I hope they aren't trying to make him a point guard because it doesn't look like that is his game.

hehe, has him listed as a SG OR a SF. At 6'4.

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned by anyone, but he has apparantly a 6'10.5 wingspan, so he's a actual real troll. (green, long armed troll) ((it was meant to be a compliment)) so he was a wing, is a wing, and will always be a wing.


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So here's the question: Here are the players that might have been reasonably re-signed next season. Which if any will not be re-signed if they lock up Leslie next year: (not named Millsap or Al, too much baggage there)

Mo (Gale likes him)
Foye (Jazz highest number of 3's ever and the season isn't over yet)
Carroll (He's... um... starting right now)
Kevin (Poor Kevin, he may be the one)

I wish it was Foye, but it's more likely going to be Kevin IMO. He just doesn't seem to have what it takes.
Remember that there will be three new draft picks, six players under contracts (if Marvin takes his option) and most of these guys, so there actually isn't a lot of room on the team next year. And what if Al/Paul get re-signed.....


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hehe, Travis has a the same standing reach and a greater wingspan than Gordon Hayward. And as of their draft profiles, Travis could jump higher. Now of course, Gordon is a more complete player, but Travis and Jeremy can have pre-workout dunk competitions. Talk about untapped potential if he just figures out how to play the game.
Yet he still was picked #47. WTH?


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Um, Why did the team do this? I don't get it, we already have 14 players on the team and right now nobody's injured except for Millsap which I am pretty sure is just a bruise/pointer. There are plenty of players who can play the guard and he isn't a point guard unless I missed something. All this talk about them getting him early to have him for next year is nice, but if he can't stay on someone else's team than what makes us think we are any different.

Don't get me wrong, I like what I see in him, but the timing makes no sense. Is he going to help us get into the playoffs? And if he gets time, who's time is he going to take away? Um, Burks. Yeah, Burks. If I got my wish it would be Foye, he can't do anything but shoot.
The timing is perfect from the FO point of view. Bell needed to take the buy out by 1 March otherwise he's not eligible to sign with another team.

It's the Jazz's perfect revenge for Raja. They get a new player in Travis and hung Raja out to dry for 1 more year.