Trey Burke is the 4/1 favorite to win Rookie of the Year

From what I understand when we absorbed the saleries in the Golden State trade it does not allow the Jazz to use the mid level exception on a free agent. If that is true the Jazz will only be able to afford a backup calibre point guard allowing Burke to play a lot of minutes and potentially start. I don't get the vibe Mo is coming back and I would think someone would offer him the full mid level. Other point guards like Harris and Jack would probably get a similar salary as Mo so that leaves the Jazz with 3rd tier point guards we can afford allowing Burke to have the chance to play a lot of minutes.


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Especially with what went down last night. Burke is going to be playing big minutes and starting. All doubt has been erased from my mind.
Yep, this↑

I'm actually stunned that this actually might be happening. We might actually see a ROY here.


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Who is going to start at PG besides Burke?? Tinsley? Ty cant be that insane
We've seen worse: both Palacio and McLeod, who are pathetic scrubs even worse than Tinsley, were ahead of Deron. With that said, I hope this time things will be different.