Trump has the Rona !


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cool! Now do damaged hearts, lungs, and long term fatigue. There’s more to this virus than death. Although, with 210,000 dead and at least another 100,000 more by January, is a pretty big deal.

Isn’t it amazing how Trumpers are still downplaying it? Why? That’s the thing I don’t understand. It’s like they just can’t bring themselves to admit a mistake.
It’s shocking to see anyone play down dying alone and under strain vs dying in the company of loved ones. I don’t care if there isn’t a difference in one day of lifespan, dying alone is ****ing huge.

Monsters make light of this difference.


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I don't think you even realize the complete mental inversion you express here.

The conspiracy theory in this thread is yours, and almost everyone else, who is suspicious that something big is being not told to you.

I'm the one who's saying there's no snake under this rock.

I expect that even with the possibly related Covid positives already announced, there may be several less-newsworthy cases just not disclosed publicly, and that there may be some testing positive across two weeks from the debate night or the little Barret gig.

Even so, this is not a national security event, because we do have effective treatment now. I suspect..... reasonably, because of the intense negative Press and the CDC and FDA paralysis or refusal to act rationally..... that a lot of people just are not getting treated even now, because some damn timid doctor won't use a treatment that is not fully vetted by the five-year process it takes to do a double-blind study with adequate numbers of adequately-documented cases.

The protocols for vetting medicines were invented by scientists paid well by the government as well as by major Pharma outfits and were loved for the expense and the time delay in the process, because any rational businessman knows competition will lower prices, and that upstarts don't have the cash it takes to exist long enough to get their product accredited. Meanwhile, every Pharma outfit has about twenty patent attorneys on staff who do nothing but scour every competitor, every peer-reviewed publication, and the patent office applications, just so the Bigs can scoop the upstart little guys and come out with their own "independently-developed" analog. We can get a fair enough idea of efficacy and safety without that whole song and dance.

In the time since Covid came on the scene, there have been some doctors, especially in China, out there trying everything under the sun, including witch's brews and every "natural herb" known to homeopathy. The doctors who have been using known anti-virals already somewhat researched have done pretty good with some things. These off-the-shelf antivirals, including HCQ/antibiotic/Zinc combos, have done pretty good. Not absolute answers, but a lot of stuff well above marginally effective. The political and bureaucratic resistance has cost tens of thousands of human lives.

Add to that the now known fact that Covid has not been nearly so serious as once feared, and that the public at large has a fair idea of how to minimize their exposure risks, and the result is that extreme public health orders are no longer necessary.

Throw out the added fact that ignorant politicians have badly abused their power and have been more of threat to public health than the disease itself, and it is just damn well time to stop the panic ****.
Mental inversion, huh? I get what you're trying to say, but I'm not sure that means what you think it means. I do indeed use inversion, and very deliberately, in my thinking process. I'm sorry you can't see that, and choose instead to come up with a label to simply dismiss my disagreeing with you.

In the spirit of genuine dialog, though, I feel like your reply actually reinforces my point, babe: That you are a proven conspiracist, whom apparently believes himself to be the only person in this little community of ours-- the only one-- with the discernment to tell the difference between the real conspiracies and the fake ones. Can you explain that? And by the way, any conclusion requiring the amount of explanation and mental gymnastics you use doesn't establish much in the way of clarity or soundness. So, you know... I struggle to agree with you almost on that premise alone. If you can distill things into a cohesive, concise point, I am open to being persuaded. Let's take my suggestion that Trump's diagnosis, rapid treatment, miraculous recovery, and subsequent discharge from Walter Reed was, in a very general sense, a pretty fishy set of circumstances. It looks more like a thinly-veiled October Surprise to me than a legitimate event. Rather than the above word salad you initially threw at me in response, tell me in a maximum of two short paragraphs where my thinking is less than reasonable-- I'm truly open to a discussion with you, if you can keep things at least partially on the hinges. Thanks.


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Do you know what the average age of a COVID death is in the US? 78. Do you know the life-expectancy in the US? 78. Quite a coincidence, huh? While it is certainly true that some people have died earlier than they would have if not for COVID, it is also quite apparent that the disease is not dramatically impacting the death rate.
Link? Source? Where are you getting your data from?


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Anybody seen new Trumps video? I have no words, I was laughing all the way through.


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Link? Source? Where are you getting your data from?
The information I posted earlier was from a discussion I heard on the radio. Here is similar information (though it shows an even higher average age but it's not from th e US) in graphic form. These sorts of numbers are available from a lot of sources:

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The information I posted earlier was from a discussion I heard on the radio. Here is similar information (though it shows an even higher average age but it's not from th e US) in graphic form. These sorts of numbers are available from a lot of sources:
For the US, use this:

I would say the median age looks to be 79, but the mean (average) is a little below 70.