Utah Jazz DISRESPECT 2017 Offseason Compilation Thread


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Today begins what I'm calling media obscurity. Last year had an intriguing team that played well and made some nice national noise and yesterday us and Gordon were certainly the talk of the NBA world. Following Gordon's decision we will now be forgotten about as a team by the national media. The only times we'll really be mentioned will be people discussing ranking the Western Conference as a whole and I fully expect to be left off of just about everyone's playoff lists. This morning got the first taste of it. They talked about the West on Undisputed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-_9mklluq4 which I know is probably the trolliest sports show out there, but I do think a lot of their thoughts on the West will be shared by most media outlets. Shannon lists is Western Conf. playoff teams all the way down to 9 with no mention of the Jazz so he's got us at 10th place at best. Skip (again I know the troll of all trolls) even made mention of the Lakers creeping into the playoff picture, but not a word about us.

We lost a good player in Gordon no doubt about it, but this isn't us losing a KD. This isn't us losing a Lebron. This isn't even us losing our best player. We lost the 2nd best player on a 2nd round exit playoff team. WE STILL HAVE A GOOD TEAM. If we even just put a bandaid on the Hayward position lost by getting a guy like Gay or someone similar and we remain relatively healthy next year I think we definitely still push for 50 wins.

Just want to look back and laugh later this year at when everyone way underestimates (or at times does disrepect) this team.


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Unfortunately 10th place in West is a reasonable prediction for us right now. Offensively we're the worst team in the west excluding 1-2 tank teams

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The Jazz lost 39 ppg this off-season, I don't blame anyone for sleeping on the Jazz.

The Jazz have to earn respect again. It's just the way it is.


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Oh yeah and I forgot to say **** Trey Lyles for posting this yesterday

I'm surprised that Trey posted that. If I were his dad I would tear him a new one. Never burn bridges or make yourself look like a problem player. The NBA is too small for that.


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Oh yeah and I forgot to say **** Trey Lyles for posting this yesterday

I wish Trey left this tweet up. Shoulda had a caption contest in the twitter comments

"Trey's reaction looking at his shooting splits last year"

"My reaction when we traded Trey Gardensnake Lyles for Mitchell"