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W-T-F Republicans?!?!?


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Decades ago it was the political left that used to champion liberal values. In the intervening years the sides have switched, with the political left becoming more progressive and the political right becoming more libertarian.

With the GOP-led effort to successfully pass the Antisemitism Awareness Act, it appears that classical liberal / libertarian values have been abandoned by both sides. If signed into law, it would mean that expressing an opinion falling within the scope covered by this legislation will make you a criminal. It is a blatant violation of the First Amendment.

View: https://www.npr.org/2024/05/02/1247374244/house-passes-bill-aimed-to-combat-antisemitism-amid-college-unrest

I’m doubting that Joe Biden will sign it. I’m less certain that Trump, if given the chance, would decline to make it law. If it makes it that far, I hope the Supreme Court does their job. I’m really uncomfortable at how the guard rails are being tested right now.
Yup... I am completely against it myself. I really don't understand what they are trying to accomplish.
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These laws and bills are blatantly anti-american. As far as those in power can label you a terrorists and they can detain you indefinitely without a trial. The Indefinite Detention bill that Obama passed, basically repealed habeas corpus. So we are repealing peoples rights from the 12th century!! We are going seriously backwards in time an people don't realize it. If they can label you as a terrorist like the stop cop city protestors, or the jan 6th protesters, you have no rights. It's so anti-american, even if you hate jan 6th protestors you have to realize the game being played. It's headed in a bad direction and it's been headed that way for quite a while- they can label you an environmental terrorist if you don't go along with the climate agenda. They can label you a cyber terrorist if you point out their lies an share information they don't like. You're a terrorist and antisemite if you oppose genocide in Gaza. It's insane.... These people in power hate the constitution, the bill of rights, and they hate Americans.
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Listen to this stupid crazy bitch- She says "this is not about ideas" she says it's about tactics, but she doesn't explain what those tactics are that are the problem. She can't help herself though because she immediately says that "they don't want ideas", and "students are wearing headbands", and "sending tiktock videos" so really this is about wrong think. Destruction of property and vandalism is already illegal, so really this is about control over what you can think and wear apparently.

View: https://twitter.com/MaxBlumenthal/status/1785735929161756793