Way Too Early 2022 DPOY - Bogie ???


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He was saving it for the playoffs! Imagine if he keeps this up and becomes not only a great offensive player but a very good defensive player, thats
All Star territory right there


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It’s been unbelievable. We were worried about him being hunted on switches in the playoffs and here he’s played 38 minutes last game and 39 minutes tonight guarding a guy who’s recently been in discussion for “best player in the world” and is playing him in a way that someone gets a huge contract off it to be “the Kawhi Killa.”

And I like Rodmanovic, but gotta be careful it’s not confused with this guy:


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Easily the biggest surprise in the series so far. His defense has me drinking record levels of koolaid.
I like that Quin talked to him about it and he’s like okay... then he sets his programming to destroy. When he knocked the ball loose from Kawhi I swear I heard the titanic music starting to play and it hit the crescendo when he won the jump ball.

Rudy gonna give him one of his trophies after we win the finals.


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Bogey better be careful we're gonna expect this lockdown D in December
Nah, because this year’s champions have to report to training camp pretty much immediately after lifting the trophy—so we’ll all be fine with him taking some time off.