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i blame kemba walker, hero ball.

glad we didnt sign him....

mitchell was the hot hand and kemba wanted to get his while being ice cold brick fest

Jack Strop

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I knew size was going to matter at some point. Lopez and Turner combined for 2 points while Gobert had a scoring explosion.

At least Donovan had a good game. Rudy moves on. Hoping Joe will, too.
That Rubio guy, though. MVP to date, IMO. Any chance we can trade for him?

USA plays Serbia in 5th-8th games.
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I don’t understand basketball. Popovich is supposed to be the greatest mind in basketball, but what the heck was that 4th quarter? Mitchell takes over the game in the third and gets two shots in the 4th????

And why would you play Plumlee over Lopez??? Australia just beat France with Baynes’s outside shooting. Lopez is one of the best shooting big men in the league and he doesn’t play???? It’s quite simple. Outside shooting brings Rudy out of the paint.

What is Popovich doing???

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