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What a Moran t!

Unbelievable how someone with the world at his fingertips, more money than he can ever spend, and at the top of his game, could yearn so much to be a gangsta. I mean, yeah he is one of the top physical and athletic specimens in the entire world with unfathomable wealth and just at the start of his earning career, but he can't really feel like a man unless he can bus'a'cap in someone's ***...or something? Maybe one of his dozen personal assistants can find a hobo that will allow him said cap busting to feel manly for a small fee then he can wipe his hands clean on hundred dollar bills while climbing back into his Bentley. I am sure that will earn him the precious "street cred" he so desperately craves. What a ****ing idiot.
I hope he gets suspended for the entirety of next season tbh

if David Stern still ran the league you could bet on him getting the season off, no way Adam Silver does that. 20 to 25 games i reckon. Aside from being an absolute dickhead has he actually broken any laws in the US tho?