What do you consider a "failed" offseason for the Jazz?


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I know the Jazz can't really control who comes and plays here but still....

Here is what I consider a "failed" offseason:

We sign a third tier pg (Mack for instance), pickup Favor's option, sign our draft pick, and get a 34+ year old vet.

What about your take?

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I think any scenario where our best play ends up being one year flexibility signings is a failure imo. So picking up Favs option and offering one year deals to some guys that missed the big money is a failure.

I’d rather open up space and use 30M on multiple guys around MLE money in hopes they become valuable role players/glue starters on solid contracts... the type that can also be used in trades for disgruntled all stars. Similar to what Clips have done with Lou Will and Montrez signings... I realize those guys were retained and not signed off the street but contracts in that range on solid guys help more with “flexibility” than guys on one year overpay deals imo.


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If we invest large money into any player over 30, I'll be really disappointed. I don't think we are a Conley, JJ Redick or Love away from contention. I want our franchise to go out there and sign or trade for a young player or a player in his prime. I want us to identify a guy who will be part of the long term core of this franchise.


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There is a worse thing than staying pat - signing players that don't change our fortunes to long term contracts and eliminating even the chance that we go after high end FAs the following year. We have one chance to add a high impact player. Don't waste it on mediocre improvements.
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Right now my expectations are so low that I don't see how I can be disappointed.

If we can't overpay Hayward to stay here, who are we going to be able to sign? I mean Hayward was white, married, had a system built around him, made the all-star team, and we could give him more than anyone, and we still weren't his top option.

I don't see us having those kinds of advantages to signing a free agent. I don't see us having guys with a ton of trade value. I don't see us having a good draft pick.

Basically, I think we are going to be bargain shopping. Adding fringe players around the edges and hoping that we can get some internal development and get lucky on a draftee or signee again.

So, my sights are set to the worst possible option as being the most probable. They do anything more than that and I'll be surprised and happy. They go the absolute minimum route and I will just be getting what I expect.