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Where Rudy?

Rudy, me no like. His shirt I have when he my favorite Jazz. He suck bcuz he no can catch ball and did not try to learn to catch ball better. He suck bcuz he no learn how to score but dunk. He what they say in English his laurels rest? He no can block shots no more neither. I watch him play now and many posters on him this year.

I’m sure Rudy is very upset that you don’t like him, and that’s what led to him taking a swing at Kyle. Regardless of your feelings, he is still a top 5 center in the league.
I think it’s easy to underestimate team chemistry, or in this case a lack of team chemistry and the fact they don’t like playing together. This team as constructed could be elite if they weren’t all douchbags.
i thought Kyle Anderson was a cool dude.. didn’t think he had it in him to call out Rudy like that.
A bag of a bag of chips? Is that like a bag with a bunch of other bags of chips that are already opened?
I think you open multiple bags and eat the big ones then you combine the scraps to form a new bag but instead of pouring them in the new bag you scrunch the original bags and put them in like that.
He's a great player and deserved his money. Some guys just fall off harder than others
And frankly the situation you are in makes a huge difference. He ended up in a terrible situation in an obviously dysfunctional organization. Tough to build anything when people are intent on tearing it down.