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Where Rudy?

T-Wolves president: Gobert's behavior was 'embarrassing'
Yeah but we also got lauri Ochai and sexton who has looked great when he’s been healthy soooo
Sure the Finnisher alone made the trade a win win, then add what seems to be a quality high upside Ochai, and maybe if Sexton can get on the court so DA trades him again, he will be an asset for us one way or the other if we keep him I guess. But with Sexton it was never determined this season what his role is here. I guess what we do in free agency and or draft might inpact it a little.
I would go with giving him heavy reps at the point if he wants it. If not let him do his thing either off ball more or off the bench. I think he is paid over what a 6 or 7th man should get, but everyone is getting more with all the tv deals so F it. Still would have liked to see him prove himself at the point and now I am not sure he ever gets those reps. He missed that window.
I digress. those picks look meh at best though