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Your Mount Rushmore for…


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Thought this thread would be a long lost relative of Buckner. Each week I will propose a category. Then, we can each name our top four in that specific category, debating it for the week.

Four is arbitrary but it’s no more or less arbitrary than 5 or 10. So here we go. Who’s on your Mount Rushmore for tv shows?

I’ve got:
*The Wire
*Breaking Bad
*Mad Men

Note: The Sopranos is phenomenal. But it’s extremely formulaic season to season for the first 4-5 seasons. Guy gets out of the prison (or returns from somewhere), gets back in the crew, is a good boy for a while, returns to his ****** ways, and has to be offed by the crew. GoT was insane but was bad the last two years. Seinfeld was shaky early and in some ways, late.
Breaking bad
Handmaid's tale (If I thought longer I might replace handmaid's tale with something else but the other 3 are locks)

I look forward to more responses.
The Expanse (best sci-fi series of all time)
Better Call Saul (better than Breaking Bad)
The Americans
In my mind, this should be split into 2 categories, because comedies and dramas have completely different requirements. A great comedy series, I think, it more re-watchable than a great drama. You've also got a bunch of drama in the SF genre which could be judged separately. Also, sketch comedy is a whole 'nother thing.

There are so many shows that just ended badly - either they started strong (True Detective, Heroes, Westworld, I'm looking at you) but couldn't sustain it, were great for a long time but failed to nail the landing (Game of Thrones is the best example) or maybe started weak, got great in the middle, and then fell off again near the end


1. Fawlty Towers
2. M*A*S*H
3. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
4. The Office (BBC)


1. Monty Python's Flying Circus
2. Kids In the Hall
3. A Bit of Fry and Laurie
4. Key & Peele

Genre (Star Trek is too obvious, and, frankly, uneven):

1. The Expanse
2. Black Mirror
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4. Twilight Zone


1. Breaking Bad
2. Better Call Saul
3. Mr Robot
4. Peaky Blinders
Breaking Bad
Mr. Robot

Obviously the list is a LOT longer than that but these were impactful to me in different ways that other shows just weren't. Many shows are close, but these stand out both for quality and originality. Also throw in emotional impact in their own way.

As a close close runner-up, which might actually supplant one of them, is Futurama. Nearly a perfect piece of animated television.

2nd runner-up for me would be Justified. Loved the dialogue, the acting, the story-lines. Gritty without being needlessly violent to get the point across. Great ending. Loved it.

So I guess that's 6, but it's tough to leave it there for sure.

Damnit I have to mention the original Vikings, the story of Ragnar. Probably the best depiction of viking culture I've seen on commercial television anyway. And a very strong representation of the legendary "original" Vikings, so to speak.

Ok, now I'm done.
1. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
2. Band of Brothers
3. Game of Thrones minus final season, maybe 2
4. Breaking Bad
5. The Wire

I think Cobra Kai, House of Cards and Stranger Things might be good, but every time I turn on any Netflix shows I end up chilling with Hearsky's mom...
Breaking Bad
The Sopranos
The Simpsons (seasons 1-10)
Roseanne (seasons 1-5)
The Twilight Zone
Dave Chappelle Show
Mystery Science Theater 3000
The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Taskmaster (UK) - plenty of great UK comedy shows considered here (Countdown, 8/10 Cats, Mock the Week, Would I Lie to You?, etc)
Scrubs (considered Seinfeld for this slot)

Just my personal favorites, no thoughts to 'greatness' or anything like that.
Taskmaster (UK) - plenty of great UK comedy shows considered here (Countdown, 8/10 Cats, Mock the Week, Would I Lie to You?, etc)
Scrubs (considered Seinfeld for this slot)

Just my personal favorites, no thoughts to 'greatness' or anything like that.

I can't believe I forgot about scrubs. That's up there for me.
Just going with comedies I have

Arrested development
Rick and morty
The office
and have to include seinfeld.
Always sunny should be on there too.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Arrested Development
Greg Weisman's animated series (Gargoyles/Spectacular Spider-Man/young justice)
A little off topic. I'm currently watching white lotus and enjoying it.
But what is really nice is 4 shows I really like are all coming out with new episodes this month.
Succession (best show currently running imo)
Ted lasso

Good month for tv
A lot of Netflix on mine.

Last Kingdom
It’s always Sunny
Peaky Blinders
So so so disappointed they stopped Mindhunters. It would be on my list if they didn't just leave it hanging like that. Cam Britton's performance as Edmund Kemper was chilling right to the bone, absolutely nailed it.

1. 30 Rock
2. The Office
3. Seinfeld
4. Community
5. Simpsons

everything else:

1. Breaking Bad
2. Narcos
3. Chernobyl
4. Survivor
5. Twilight Zone

Anyone else remember Tales from the Crypt? Was it good? I don’t remember it too well.