You're the GM this offseason. What do you do?


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We have 2 games left in the season and (in my opinion) we need a big blow up. Rudy will be 27 next season and we really need to maximize him before he 'may' want to leave.

So, what do you do?

Claim "our chemistry is really solid and we need another year to get healthy." Sign a 35+ year old vet, a g-leaguer, and a draft pick to call it a season?

Do you shoot for the stars and throw contracts out there for Kemba, Tobias, etc and hopefully land one?

Let's hear it.

I'd go for Kemba and open up the market to literally everyone on our team signed the following season not named donovan or rudy.
I'd call the pistons and offer favors, jae or ingles, exum, Allen, and this years pick and next years pick for Blake (should get it done). Probably sign neto again, get another backup on the cheap and fill in the rest with some shooters.


That's a great starting lineup with still royce, neto, korver coming off the bench. We can create, Blake Kemba can score, gives us great spacing


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Thanks to Dante's contract. We now have to decline Favors option to sign players of any quality at all. And probably say goodbye to Rubio too and good luck finding a starting PG who's better than Rubio and ready to play 30+ min a night for 75+ games cuz your backup PGs will always get hurt before you do.


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I go hard for Kemba and do what it takes to sign him. Sign someone for MLE and shed some dead weight.



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I never said to offer him the max, dummy. Please learn to read carefully. I know reading is hard some times
So you're expecting to lure Kemba to Utah Jazz by offering him less than the max ? God, you're even dumber than I originally thought.

Lord Bullingdon

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After getting hired I'd tell everyone i'm new here need 2 weeks to get acclimated, and i'd prepare for a public statement/mission statement. For 2 weeks id drive everyone nuts, asking every question imaginable. After that 2 weeks is up;

I would completely gut the team.... Everyones available.. I'm not saying fire-sale, advocating unloading for cheap, everyones available tho. If I'm the GM i think I can rip these other GM's off, plain and simple.... thats just me tho, or else ima try... I'd fire out 1000's of trade offers immediately, on some Wayne Gretzky "you miss all the shots you dont take" typa ****. I know that my hand is not easy to catch in the cookie jar and would play it super-aggressive...

Grayson, Niang (2 guys i didnt really care for in college, but they can score and are cheap so a match).. and Royce O'Neale are guys I wouldnt hesitate to keep around.

Dennis Lindsey's vision is failed here. I'm not gonna have my one opportunity to sit in the GM's chair focused on some forsaken reclamation project, cleaning up this dudes mediocre, nba purgatory style mess.

I'd say we're gonna try to win with offense, like everyone else, instead of this walking on eggshells hoping the defense can douse, some white hot grease-fire like Harden.

and I'd say at the presser, maybe my final line "we wont be trading any more lottery picks for 30-year old rentals --- I'll step down before a move like that ever gets pushed thru" The one thing that would remain is the focus on player development, thats the big selling point. so we cant be developing players for some ****** slow paced offense like we have now.

I would reduce this teams avg age to one of the youngest int he league without a game ever being played. for certain, which is something i've always said in these hypotheticals (and i mean what has taken place has been far ******** IMO). Undoubdetly that is the safest course of action, instead navigator D Lindz is gonna try to run this ship til it capsizes and then say "oopsies" and disappear -- just watch..
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The best chance for us to get better was last summer but DL blew it by locking us up with Dante’s contract instead. Imagine if we have someone like Brook Lopez on this team. Or Julius Randle. We are praying for someone who can create his own shots all this time when they were right there in the free market.


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I'm no expert when it comes to the salary cap, but my understanding is that the Exum contract really hurts us. It would be a different story if he was a good player...or even an available player...but two more years hurts.

I keep Royce, he is a good rotational player and cheap, probably keep Neto.
I want to keep Favors, I think he is super important for the team. But with that we really don't have any extra cap space and we need an upgrade at Kemba.
Man I don't know, GM is a tough job. All I know is Exum's contract could kill the team


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Liking the Kemba idea, Holiday too. Though I'd be more keen to put Donovan at PG full time. PG absolutely must be upgraded one way or the other.

Id take a long hard look at Khris Middleton or Malcolm Brogdan. Odds are Milwaukee can't afford all of their FA's so it would be worth pursuing.

Upgrade Udoh.