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    Deseret News - Report: Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell among players pushing for injury...

    Now he's gone, now he's gone, Lord he's gone, like a steamlocomotive. rolling down the track, he's gone and nothin's gonna bring him back, he's gone. Has every right to be gone.
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    Utah Hikes

    If anyone is into summit's over 10,000 Sunset Peak through Catherine Pass is the quickest summit hike over 10,000. It's pretty kid friendly too. https://www.utahoutdooractivities.com/sunsetpeak.html
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    NBA league pass packages

    I've purchased the month and running it through the app, I got the first couple games but each game on RSR has been blacked out. Any other ways around this? I'm bummed cause I feel like I won't see many games this year.
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    Stephen A claims Hayward IS Boston's problem.

    At least the Jazz got players in return for DWill, that's why it's difficult to get over Hayward. Mind was made up and led the Jazz on. That's doing someone Dirty alright. Imagine if the Jazz didn't land Donovan?? I mean, it all worked out but that was a minor miracle.
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    confirmed: Kevin Durrant will play for the Jazz next season.

    He wants to own a major city, my money is on the Knicks. I have no real reason why other than there has been buzz about it. I seriously doubt he'd team up with LeBron unless he's really that pissed about how certain Warrior players think of him. I also remember there was tension on that team...
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    Quotes from around the league after Jazz beat Boston

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    Working For The Man

    This is my life story.... chicks have powers.
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    Best big US city?

    I loved living in Boston, it reminded me of an east coast SF. I'd call it a close race for 2nd between Boston, Chicago and Seattle. One not on the list is Miami, I was only there briefly but I dug the vibe. How'd Houston and LA get on the list? I guess just size those places are dogs.
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    Best big US city?

    It doesn't upset The Nuschler that his most beloved Franchise has gone 2 out of the last 3 for the World Series Championship after all the years of heartbreak.
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    Obama wins.....

    It was amazing to see Karl Rove's Fox meltdown. I'd be pissed if I just spent all that super pac money and basically had nothing to show for it. I'm alarmed that we are migrating to class warfare politics. Check out this measure in California. Santa Clara County passed Measure M which caps CEO's...