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    I didn't see one racist comment in that statement. He was generalizing about an organization's employees not a race of people. Are you implying that those behaviors are delegated to one race? It looks like you Joe Ba:eek:gadonuts are the racist. https://jazzfanz.com/images/smilies/eek.png
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    I am in total agreement with Alaskan Assassin. And he sounds super smart.
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    KSL Burks Video

    Thanks for posting that! Being out of state I would not have seen this otherwise. I gets you excited about Burks!
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    Hope the Jazz don't pull a Dominque Wilkins

    Dominique Wilkins, Forward, 1982 Highlights » Drafted by the Jazz but traded to Atlanta. … Played in nine All-Star Games. … Elected to the Hall of Fame in 2006. … Scored 26,668 points in his career. Talk of Jazz drafting Kanter and the trading him to the Cavs remind me of the Dominque...
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    2011 draft.....

    That is why you draft Jimmer #12 to play right away while Knight develops.
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    Stats - You can always find figures that support your argument

    I think it is amazing how many article that I have read that contradict each other. They use stats to support the theory. I am so confused... one says walker will be better than knight and the next will say knight is more of a risk than walker. It just shows you that you can find stats or...
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    The reason we should go big with #3

    When is Kanters second workout? I think Kanter is going to be awesome. I think GMs are not talking about him because they don't want the hype that Jimmer is getting and causing him to be drafted higher.
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    David Locke: Update on Memo

    If it goes anything like my marriage she gets it all.
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    One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

    I agree with you exept for the point that we didn't land us a superstar. If he continues to follow his trend in HS and Butler we just did draft a superstar. It could happen!
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    Food For Thought On Hayward

    Yah a sweet Small Forward that will be awesome vs. a few ok bigs that will be bench warmers
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    So who would of you picked?

    I really like the pick after thinking about it. I would have picked Babbitt or Aldridge. I didn't like George or Davis. But I am really excited that they picked hayward. I have no clue who the second rounder is.
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    Pick is Gordon Hayward; ESA crowd boos

    I am now a huge Hayward fan. I hope he turns out Awesome! I think he will surprise us with how good he is. Takes some talent to take a team like butler to the finals and almost win it on a half court shot.
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    Who do you think the Jazz will Draft?

    I agree - I would love them to get the celtics pick and draft whiteside as a project with the wing at #9
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    Who do you think the Jazz will Draft?

    This is not who you want them to draft. This is a see if you can predict who they will draft thread. It will be fun to see who guess right. I think they will draft Luke Babbitt. What say you?