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2023 NBA Draft Megathread

He was a matchup nightmare at the high school level, but that's not the case as the levels go up. Unless he's going to grow a lot taller or become much more athletic that won't be the case either. He is no longer a man among boys and that will not change in the NBA. It's a reason why he completely sucked at SC and also a reason why I don't think it will get better in the NBA.
I think hes still a huge matchup problem. To me his upside is more athletic Bogey. He's a guy I could see averaging 20-25 ppg depending on the team he is on.

The reason he sucked at SC was because he tried to do it all himself. Granted SC wasn't good, but he still has to trust his teammates more and do more to elevate them, but just because an 18 year old didn't do that doesn't mean he's trash

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Prospects are often compared to Gordon Hayward for obvious reasons, but I actually think Jacquez could be Gordon Hayward. Needs to improve his 3 ball and on ball defense, however. Like his PnR ability, athleticism in transition, and off ball defense.
FYI - It would be "cheaper" to spend the 3 picks we have this year to acquire a super star, i.e., 4 picks for Jaylen Brown (3 year from this year). I think we would desperately try to trade these picks for a star. If that doesn't happen, I think we trade into the top 8 and maybe buy back into the draft for a late pick.

I would rather that they sell their picks and move back down and just bargain shop. I love the French players (Sid and Bilal) except for Ryan. I would also love Brice on the cheap.
His tape makes me crazy. I wanna trust the pros that peg him as a late-1st/2nd guy cuz of defense/athleticism or something but I just see a stone-cold baller.
he is ,but kind of playgroundish not nba level -ish I think he has a decent career as a bench guy. Wouldn't mind it if we took him at 27 either, but not at 25 or 26 there I would rather take the last of the international stash pogo projects that come over in 3 years right when we are hitting our stride and need depth behind Kessler
I bet we draft exactly none of the prospects over 21 in this draft unless we trade back to the 2nd.
Whitehead had a rough season from an injury standpoint and never got going but I think he has become underrated. He can really shoot the ball from the outside and was known as having a great off the dribble game in highschool. The leg injuries clearly impacted that aspect of his game this year and he never really got into a good rhythm after missing the preseason and then injuring his ankle midway through the season. As long as that leg checks out physically then I still think he is a steal in 20's where he is being projected in most mocks that I have seen.

If he can get back to the burst that he shows in these highlights with his shooting ability then you have one hell of a player.

I just see JJ as a versatile forward. He can run pnr or be the screener. He's tough and can rebound. He's going to play great team defense and his man defense should be good on wings. The shot is a question mark, but it looks good to me. I expect him to be a good corner shooter. I think he might be gone by 27, but idk.
His tape makes me crazy. I wanna trust the pros that peg him as a late-1st/2nd guy cuz of defense/athleticism or something but I just see a stone-cold baller.

He is my pick as the high potential guy who isn't normally seen as a high potential guy....kinda like Desmond Bane. I think he will fall into a role easily, but if a couple things go right with him he can really pop. He's a baller and I think if the shooting works out he will be a really versatile two way wing.