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2023 NBA Playoffs Discussion Thread

Also, is Sabonis normally a dirty player? It seems to me that he's only been that way in this series because Draymond is the same way. Essentially an "Alright, if this is the way we're going to play, then let's do this"
Sainthood is really not a trait of winning basketball, unfortunately.
. Dray then decides it was a malicious act (because in his mind he would do something like that... that is his perspective/lens he sees the world through) so instead of falling down he drops a full force stomp and jumps off of Sabonis' body.
Yeah. nobody else has really commented about that part. After the stomp it did look to me like Draymond basically launched himself off one foot that was on Sabonis' chest. Like he didn't really jump off two feet. It looked like he lifted the one foot off the ground and then jumped using the foot that was on Sabonis.
If for some reason I fall into a situation with Draymond Green's legs for sure I'd be grabbing him, for I know there's a really big chance the guy try to damage me.
I won't do it if I fall into a situation with say Mike Conley's legs.
It's just the way it is, you react just in line with the turd you face.
One way to shield your body is to stop whatever is coming for your body by grabbing it. Like if someone threw a rock at me and could turtle up and shield my body but i could also catch/grab the rock. Both would work and both are natural reactions.
I guess? I played football and basketball in high school when I was trying to shield my body I don’t think I ever grabbed someone’s foot. I think the natural reaction to shielding your body is to shield your body. I could see sticking one’s hand out, like if someone is falling onto you. I don’t see Sabonis’s latching onto Green’s foot a natural move. I see it as a continuation of what had been happening throughout the game where both players were taking cheap shots at each other. And given Green’s history and reaction to the crowd, I have no problem with the nba suspending him and potentially ending the warriors in this series.

But I’m fine with different opinions here.
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I honestly just wish the Lakers and Grizzlies could both lose. I can't root for either team.
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