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2023 Trade Rumors and Gossip Involving the Jazz

Wiz have a new GM... the guy came from the Clips front office and was in OKC before that. They also have the pick right in front of us... they also have some players they need to make decisions on that might be of interest... and Bradley Beal. I think they end up putting Beal on the market to try and get a pick heavy package. Just wonder if Kuzma's price gets more in the worth it range now. I think the previous regime would do 25M+ a year no sweat. Wonder if 18-20M starts to look pretty solid for DA.

Not interested in Zinger... just not a fit.. not a fan of him as a person or player.

I think the Wiz draft picks got a lot tougher to guess on... I think they could very well go forward and let someone walk... could also see them using Beal to trade up and get #4 to draft a pg.... Anyway... that is a spot to watch that will affect us directly or indirectly.
I really wish Beal could get on a good team. I have always liked him and hate seeing him never have any team success.
If Portland does try to make a win-now move around Lillard by moving some combination of 3rd/Simons/Sharpe, but keeps Billups, then they are dookie imo.

I am not usually for quick fires, but the way Portland has played these two seasons despite considerable talent is pretty pathetic. They were pretty healthy at the beginning of this season with Lillard, Jerami Grant, Simons, Hart, Nurkic, etc and were still a dumpster fire. That squad should at least have been comfortably above .500 with All-NBA play from Lillard, fringe All-Star play from Grant, and good role players. I hope teams move away from hiring untested great former players with hardly any coaching experience to top jobs a bit.
A modern day Mitch Richmond for sure. He better learn from Mitch now and leave Washington before his prime leaves him. By the time Mitch left Sacramento he was basically a scrub
And yet he left Sacramento for… Washington. I think that franchise has been at the same place through its entire existence. May as well bring back the Bullets name. Or just rebrand as the Generals.