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2024 annual Jazzfanz All time jazz draft

Chris Bosh (in his prime) was hardly a spacer (didn't shoot one 3 pointer or more per game until year 10, where he then shot a blistering 28% and 34% on the Heatles). And any team with a great center will destroy his team (which is the vast majority of teams in the contest; some have 2).

Speaking of centers I’m in the trade market for one

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@Elizah Huge never picked a legends-era (pre-80's) player.

(This is not a small deal.)
Instead of rolling our eyes, can we just keep this fair and have @Elizah Huge pick again @Thee Idiotic Minivan K ? The eras requirement bends most peoples’ boards in uncomfortable ways and it would be unfair for one person to not have to abide. I am gonna choose to believe this was an honest mistake.