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2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

I think he has positional fluidity a little as well. Not like either guy would have to be a pg. I consider the roster with draft decisions... like I'd push Donovan Clingan down a few spots... but in general take the best prospect and figure it out.

Key’s versatility is part of my consideration. I like that he’s (surprisingly) playing as an on ball distributor but I also don’t want to put him in a box so early. For example, I think there’s potential for him to be a big time movement shooter off the ball.

Defense is a concern, but still think you don’t let Key get in the way of drafting anyone.
Ryan Dunn having a solid game tonight against A&M.

2/2 from 3, 2 blocks, 2 steals.

Not watching because watching Virginia is a chore (and the Jazz playing), but he's a name to keep an eye on when Utah finishes 10th.
Riley Kugal is starting to heat up over these last few games. Hopefully this is the beginning of him taking that next step to go to scorer.
If you take yourself seriously to rank HS players early, you are going to be slow to change. If you immediately change everything you kind of concede your pre-season rankings are based on nothing.

For people like us who really dont give that much of a **** about super early scouting we are going to be more reactionary to early performances.