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2024 NBA Draft Mega Thread

I think Knecht might be a beneficiary of Jacquez playing well though their games aren’t very similar.

Ye he’s definitely getting a lot of Jaime comparisons. I don’t have a strong opinion on Knecht….but if people rate him bc they think he’s Jaime that’s probably a mistake. Not that Knecht will be for sure bad, but I’d agree they are different.
Was gonna make a joke about how he’s soft and Tay Henny would never go down like that but it looks serious and they like bull rushed the court so fast. That’s some nonsense. Hopefully it wasn’t serious… that absolutely sucks.

I’ve seen the alternate angle….gonna be honest not looking good for Flip. And I mean it looks like he might deserve that joke lol.
Pelle Larson BPM has tripled since his freshman year. The idea that he hasnt improved is laughable. Equally laughable he would regret not staying in Utah vs having a chance to go far in the tournament and solidify his stock.
You talk out your *** so much. I guarantee you didn't watch him play a single game when he was with the utes. If he sticks around I guarantee he would have had a couple near 20 point a game seasons and his draft stock would have been much higher. He also likely would have taken us over the top and gotten us to the tourney a few times.

Knicks look great in that graph but their incoming 1sts are not even comparable to ours or OKCs.

They own Detroit and Washington picks that are protected all the way and convert to 2nds if they dont convey. Washington pick feels like a lock to convert (2026 top 8 is the final year).

Best is likely the Dallas pick for this year or the heavily protected Detroit pick in the back end of its protections (top 9 in 2027), as that Detroit pick at least converts to two seconds.

Other than those they only have Bucks 2025 pick (top 4 protected) and their own picks, and all of those are likely gonna land far in the 20s.
You talk out your *** so much. I guarantee you didn't watch him play a single game when he was with the utes. If he sticks around I guarantee he would have had a couple near 20 point a game seasons and his draft stock would have been much higher. He also likely would have taken us over the top and gotten us to the tourney a few times.
Thre we go. "Us" lmfao. Silly Utes fan showing some bias.


Bro must be crushed he didn't stay in Utah
Knecht and Jaime are similar in that they are both certified buckets with a high skill level, NBA size/length, and NBA athleticism.

Knecht is going to be better than Jacquez because his game should have an easier translation on the offensive end. Jaquez has struggled a bit offensively after his great start. The issue will be defensively he doesn't have Jaime's ability to guard big wings/4s.
I like Knect, just think he’s a different type of player than Jaime. He’s way more perimeter oriented. He initiates a ton of offense at the top through PnR and iso. Also wouldn’t be surprised to see him uptick his 3 point volume in the NBA.

Jamie is more of an interior player on both ends. Doesn’t shoot the ball well but is terrific around the hoop in half court and transition.

Both are good, just different players. I don’t see them playing a similar role in the NBA.
Furphy looks pretty damn good. Great athlete in the open court. Leaps off of both one and two feet with either hand. Versatile jumper. Seems to have a decent feel for the game and how to move the ball as well.

Have not looked into his defense, but he's going to be near the top of wishlist at #9/10.

(no order)


I'd probably be happy with any of those guys.
I'm having a hard time getting excited about this draft, and that's pretty rare for me.... To be a star, a player needs to have a combination of physical profile, advanced skills and competitiveness, and few players in this draft seem to really put that package together.

Overall, I think Topic, Holland and Knecht can be high-impact players for various reasons.

Sarr will work as a rim-runner and rim protector who can maneuver enough to score in some face-up situations, but I don't believe enough in his shooting touch to think he's really going to be versatile offensively.

I like Dillingham and think he's more versatile off the dribble than Colin Sexton, though Sexton's relentless motor, downhill drive and effort on defense probably makes that comparison close to a wash.

Both Cody Williams and Kyshawn George are interesting as 6'8" wings with shooting touch and decent ball skills. Williams is craftier and a more opportunistic scorer right now, but both of them need to work on their bodies and play with more physicality to be able to really force action. Their lack of burst leads to them being too passive, imo.

With Buzelis too, his lack of physical profile is holding him back. It becomes a question of whether he can add enough strength and quality weight to get where he wants on the floor. The comparison to Franz Wagner isn't going to work unless Buzelis can add 15+ lbs. Then there's the hope that he'll be able to shoot the ball better than he's shown in the G-league.

Rischacher plays with consistent energy and really runs the floor, but his lack of wiggle and inability to beat defenders off the dribble consistently probably make him more of a glue guy. Someone else is going to need to buy him some space or an open lane to drive. With Salaun the hope would be that he can develop his handle and be able to shoot off the dribble. Otherwise, he's going to be another floor-spacer type.

I think Tyler Smith is a legit lottery talent, who has more athleticism and straight-line burst off the dribble than he normally shows in G-league pickup games. Still, he's more of a complementary stretch-big who will mostly spot up. His old-school comp might be a Sam Perkins type.

If Filipowski can add some more strength to his frame and become a consistent enough shooter, he becomes a starter-level big worth drafting due to his versatility and playmaking. Not sure if he's ever going to be long or bouncy enough to be a real rim deterrent, but he can make some plays on offense like Olynyk. He's not as fluid or skilled as Sengun. If we look at Jusuf Nurkic as an example, Nurkic has career averages of 12 pts, 9 rebs and around 2.5 asts. I think Filipowski can likely do that with a few more passes and 3s, depending on how he's used.

I'm having a hard time getting behind Stephon Castle. He can defend and pass the ball, but his athleticism is going to look average at the NBA-level and he's already a pretty reluctant shooter. If Brice Sensabaugh will continue to work hard on defense and improve his conditioning, I think Brice is a better prospect.

I would draft Ulrich Chomche, make a bet on his physical tools, and see if he has the raw competitiveness to make himself into an impact player (similar strategy to drafting Rudy Gobert).
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Looking at the remaining schedule, I could see the Jazz finishing the season with 33 or 34 wins. I think we should be able to keep our pick. That would mean going 7-17 from here on out. Orlando finished with 34 wins last year, while Indiana and Washington finished with 35 wins. Jazz should be able to tank their way past Atlanta, Houston and possibly Toronto to grab the 8th draft spot, imo.

Assuming that's the case, and barring the Jazz moving up into the top 4 of the draft order, we should expect that Topic, Sarr, Risacher, Williams and probably Holland will all be gone. Jazz would likely be looking at Buzelis, Knecht, Dillingham, Filipowski, and maybe Furphy.
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