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AK+9th pick 4 Iggy+filler (build to keep Deron and make a title run now)


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I sense sarcasm which I don't like because you are not giving them a chance because they have never played with a point guard of Deron Williams caliber and coached by a coach like Jerry Sloan

Gyp Rosetti

Spending a 2nd rounder on a bit of unknown is giving them a chance. Spending 30M on two guys who've been in the league for years and can't win one playoff series isn't giving them a chance. It's suicide.
Would I like to see how Iggy could fit in on the Jazz roster? Yes, but no way in hell is he worth the money he is making. Does he even know how to play without having the ball in his hands all the time? I don't think so. I think Iggy on the Jazz would be a lot like Vince Carter on the Magic...it just wouldn't work out well for either side.

The scenario with Iggy on the Jazz reminds me of when Donyell Marshall was here. Decent but not a all-star caliber performer with our team.


Only way I do this trade is if Miles and Matthews become ranged threats, which sadly isnt going to happen.


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You don't get it...what we have doesn't work, it gets us 48 to 54 wins, and early exit from the playoffs, we need to change it up a bit to give ourselves a shot or we will just be cheering for the same thing each year.
We get it and your team gets 35-45 wins and a 1st round exit at best. I don't want Iggy and I don't for any reason want Boozer back. Rather take a step back and work on improving for the future than keep this team another year and resigning Boozer essentially guarantees that we have the same team for 4 more years.


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still dont

Iggy hasnt played with the point guard like Deron, and how do you know whether this team would win 35-45 wins they haven't played together, you have to change to see if it will work first.

Ok you take that step back and we lose Deron in the process, then what? Millsap is not our starting 4, ever, he won't make it against starting 4's in this league, night in and night outfor 82+ games even if we make the playoffs.

Deron has it right, take whatever chance it takes to win a title, don't just live with being good every year and not great or championship team. We all need to have that winning mentality, and don't be afraid of the unknown for this team in Utah and the community and that is what it takes to win a title which is take some chance sometimes. Show that your willing to give Deron those weapons to lead us to a title.


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No Iggy hasn't played with a great PG like Deron, but does he even know how to play off the ball and move without the ball? I'm not sure he's ever been asked to do that in his basketball career.