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Apollo 11 Moon Landing 50th Anniversary


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But I love the LaRouchies…… socialists, statists.... anti-Brit Frenchies who dream of no more Queen or Prince worshipping Gaia loons..... who see clearly the vast beyond, the new Frontier.


We need to go.

When yah gotta go, yah gotta go.


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So here's what we gotta do.

A whole series of moon shots landing stuff on the moon. Including a cement mixer, and some water. There is sand there. You can't launch anything from a sand dune, folks. You gotta make some cement, and pour a slab. You'll hafta bring the CO2 it takes to make cement set. That's the only way you'll really get off the Moon, ever.

You'll need to build a tower to set your return rocket straight. Lots of titanium beams to set up one of those.

You should land a solid titanium water tank, and air tank. Lots of fuel. You gotta make glass there, and polycarbonate plastic to make it last continual bombardment from space stuff.....build a totally enclosed dome "town" with fields.... to grow food. You can probably just drop ship hamburgers, but you'll need limes like sailors needed limes.

and tomatos. Can't live without tomatos…. fresh.... and salsa.


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The plaque left on the leg of the lunar module reads..

"Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon July 1969, A.D. We came in peace for all mankind"

Awesome. Wish I was alive back then, during the golden age of aviation and space travel.


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I found some more good hoax proof. There is sound in the Apollo footage where sound in a vacuum would be impossible.

A16 Audio Analysis Summary​

Jet Wintzer, MOON HOAX NOW​

(40:10 time mark)

Some of the links in the other thread have gone dead so I'll repost this other proof.

Apollo 15 Rover Traverse Issue​

(Be sure to watch at the 3:13 time mark)


Apollo 15 flag, facing air resistance; proving the fraud of alleged manned moon landings.​

(2:35 time mark)

(2:07:26 time mark)


"Moonstones" have no possibility to be compared on moon itself, because there is no possibility of a neutral control on the "moon". So, it's permitted for anybody to claim this or that stone would come from the "moon". Also when certain "moon probes" are said having landed on the moon also this is not controllable. And it's not possible to control if these "moon probes" have brought stones or dust from the "moon" to the Earth or not either. At the end the super powers "USA" and "SU" claim together to the public that "moonstones" would be "very similar" to "Earth stones". This "similarity" brings up some new questions (Wisnewski, p.209).


Lunar rover on the moon. Was it a RC model? (Extended Edition)

The proof that the LRO photos are photoshopped

Moon Hoax; "Apollo; Hoax Of The 20th Century" Part 1 of 2​

Moon Hoax; "Apollo; Hoax Of The 20th Century" Part 2 of 2​

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50 years ago today, three men (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins) launched on a Saturn V rocket to the Moon, about to make history and go where no one had gone before. #Apollo50th

I was 9 at the time and remember some of the excitement. I remember looking up at the moon and being amazed that there were two people up there. I've been watching and reading about it for the past couple of weeks, and it was a remarkable thing.

Since most of you weren't alive at the time, I'm wondering what the younger generations think about this event. Since you grew up always knowing that man had been to the moon (unless you are a conspiracy theorist), does this week matter much to you?

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I was 19 at the time. Your alleged age is inconsistent with my suspicions that you are actually my second ex-wife. Too young, but everything else about you that I've seen in here matches.

I was working in a lab by then, thinking I had a great career as a scientist ahead of me, but it fizzled just like the Moon or Space Programs.

I actually can't believe alleged media projects or Hollywood productions or Guvmint successes of any kind. Especially when they go nowhere after the greatest human alleged accomplishment of all history. This is what globalism amounts to. Fried Froth.

This is what socialism always comes to. Nothing. Even Mormon welfare programs are woeful failures when examined with accurate accounting and results.

The most successful human welfare program of all history is the one life gave you at the end of your arms.

Fun to look at all the Apollo hoaxers with their "evidence" of photographic and physical realities. But I'm not much into actually believing them either.

In a way, I'm with Game here.

Do it again or STFU.