Game Thread Apr 12, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Wizards

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I just wanted to add that for those that are saying the Jazz are a fraud and not a contender, this game did not show that win or lose. You thought that before and used this game as an excuse to to spread the negativity, not saying the Jazz are going to win a title only 1 team does and the chances are it is not the Jazz BUT this game did nothing to change the likelihood of them being bounced in the first round or winning a ring.

Excuses people use because national media gives other teams more praise:
Oh oh oh.... but Denver they would never lose to WAS and they beat the Jazz in the playoffs. And CP3 wouldn't let the Suns lose to the crappy Wiz
Well except the Wiz also swept the Nuggz this year on Feb 17 and Feb 25 and Wiz beat the Suns on Jan 11

Oh but but but the true contenders would never lose to them
Mar 4 Wiz beat the Clippers
Feb 22 Wiz beat the Lakers
Jan 3 AND Jan 31, Wiz beat the Nets

So all I'm saying is the Wiz have 20 wins and half of them are against the top 6 teams in the NBA. Good teams play poorly or play down and in the Wiz case I think Westbrook especially does but him and Beal get up and play harder against the better teams.
I agree.
I still think the jazz have a decent shot at a championship if they are healthy.

If every team gets all the way healthy then I probably rank the nets as the best chance followed by the Lakers and then the jazz.

Especially if bojan can be deadly from 3 again.

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Ron Mexico

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I agree with you. I think he is a great rebounder for his size and I think he plays with more effort than anyone on the team and I think he is a good defender. But not an elite defender and not a good enough defender to give him a pass when he scores 2 points against a horrible defensive team while 2 of our better scorers are out.
I mean 2 points in that many minutes against a team like the wizards? Seems like you would score more than 2 points just by accident if you play that many minutes.

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I dont really care how many points he makes. Its more a matter of how efficient he is and what he does with opportunities. If he isnt open I dont want him to force anything, I am happy to let others try to create. If he isnt open that means the defenders are staying with him and he is doing his job on offense most likely. I guess maybe he isnt moving around enough to get open as well lately but this season he moves around the court more than anyone on the team and pretty high up in the league for that. My issue with him is if he is passing up open shots and/or missing open shots. He does this a lot especially in the playoffs and it really hurts our team. Royce has a role and needs to stick to that. His role is 3 and D. He needs to move, screen, make cuts, and rebound as well. I dont want him to force or try to create when we have 3 other starters and 3+ bench players that can do a much better job of that. Even if we have 2 guys out there are always better players on the court with him at creating. He also really isnt a good shooter he is just a good wide open shooter, which is fine for our team.

I do agree that he rebounds okay for his size, he hustles, and is a good defender especially team defender. But he is not an elite defender.
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