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Boozer stands up for Utah


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Rosenberg is a punk, and Boozer wasn't having any of it.


Miami radio host attacks Utah's culture and religion. Boozer doesn't bite...

After getting off the phone with some media folks in Chicago last week, Miami is taking its turn with Carlos Boozer.

South Florida Sun-Sentinal sports writer Ira Winderman on Tim Brando's radio show Wednesday morning:

"Carlos Boozer has done a media blitz down here. I spoke to him on Memorial Day. He did a radio interview down here yesterday. He lives down here also and he wants to get that other Heat salary slot and he's been campaigning for it."

The radio show Tuesday evening was Sid Rosenberg on WQAM in Miami. And let's just say Rosenberg prods Boozer by going down roads few would choose on the broadcast airwaves.

Rosenberg begins by attempting to create separation between Boozer and Salt Lake City:


"I really can't say Carlos Boozer of the Utah Jazz, because you're a free agent, so what are you really right now? Carlos Boozer of what?"


"No, no, I'm with the Jazz until something different happens so you can call me Carlos Boozer of the Utah Jazz for now."


"Right, but ideally if I bring you back on this show on July 9th or July 10th, Carlos, you'd love to hear Carlos Boozer of the Miami Heat, isn't that right?"


"You never know what's going to happen in July...

If I stay in Utah, which is an option of course, or something happens where I end up going somewhere else. I don't have anything to say about me not coming to the Heat or coming to the Heat, I'm just interested to see what happens in July."

Rosenberg then steps on the gas by invoking stereotypes about Utah culture.


"Utah, I mean I've been out there. It's gorgeous, Park City, and if you like skiing and stuff it's real pretty but it is a horrible place to live. Horrible."


"No, it's not that bad. I raise my kids out there. It's pretty nice. We have a good time out there. Our basketball team is successful, of course. That's the most important thing of it. And it's a great place to raise your kids. And it is beautiful."

Not satisfied with that response, Rosenberg takes the plunge and insults the predominant religion practiced by Utah's residents.


"It is beautiful but those Mormon people are crazy, aren't they? I mean..."

Boozer interjects before the host can continue.


"No, they're not bad at all. They're not bad at all."




"No, not at all."

A beaten man, Rosenberg relents and moves on to other topics but swings back to the notion that the Jazz are not a championship caliber team which Boozer agrees with.


"We have to get some more pieces if we're about to go back at it, but I tell you what though. Coach Sloan is a stud. My point guard might be the best point guard in basketball and we have some other studs around us. But what happens in the draft and July will show a lot."

Is Boozer going on a media blitz or getting blitzed by the media he's attempting to ingratiate himself to in Miami?
Hold up, didn't you read the forum rules?

Flagged for posting something that isn't negative about Boozer.
It is amazing what passes for journalism nowadays.
It's times like these that I like bump a little Lil Jon on the stereo.
I will translate what Boozer really said throughout this radio discussion, "Dude, I am not going to bad mouth one of my potential suitors no matter how much you try to get me to. In the end, money is going to talk and I will follow the green." This is nothing against Boozer, just the obvious. Basketball is a business.
Another great example of how it is easy to attack the LDS religion and get away with it. hehepeepeecaca!

You're right. Certainly no other Christian denomination gets made fun of. And the Jews? Don't even think about it!

Don't even get me started on Scientologists. No one EVER makes fun of them. Ever.
What was the guy expecting Boozer to say? "Yeah eff those horrible Mormons and that craphole Utah"

He was just hoping he would have something negative to say which could drive a wedge in between Boozer and the Jazz. But Boozer is obviously too smart to play games like this. He knows the Jazz realistically are one of his big suitors in a year where there will be a plethora of good free agents on the move or available.