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Brandon Knight had the best workout with the Jazz


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Most experts have Brandon Knight's ceiling as Chauncey Billups while Kanter is more of an Al Horford with a 3 point shot. Seems like a rich man's Okur to me.

Honestly as a Jazz fan, I'm not going to wait 7 years for Kanter to develop into Curtis Borchardt 2.0 and then we are back at square one. The Jazz aren't far from the playoffs. Let's not forget that we were the 5th-6th best team in the league 20 games into the season. We don't need to draft BPA. We need to draft for specific needs.


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I want Derek Williams. I'm sure he can play the 3 and be an all star doing it, and with our bigs rotating in, Heyward at the 2, a serviceable point guard. Whew. Nasty.

//r00t 4 Jazz

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Dude not sure what happened but that record is broken.

Just as a forewarning some people might become annoyed if you keep posting a broken record.


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Jazz FO should know best........

Not sure that we have to get rid of Jefferson or Millsap if we draft Kanter. Fesenko and Okur are also option. Fesenko is already free to go so technically we have an opening.

I also see Kanter as a more athletic Okur that hopefully will grab more rebounds and block more shots..............ie., better defense. May not be that in year one but in 3 or so years it should be possible. He's still pretty young.

I'd prefer Kanter over Knight. If they trade Kanter for a later pick and get Knight or Walker then I'm probably ok with that depending on the particulars. I'll trust the Jazz that they know what kind of team they want, what kind of ball they plan to play (post Sloan) and mold the team in that direction. We'll see what kind of coach Ty becomes. They also have ideas on what players they may be interested in from other teams and who they plan to move. They have much more insight than we do.

I originally thought Dwill2 would be the best case scenario if he fell to #3 with AK probably leaving but after watching the D Locke videos, I'm not so sure. I know he mentioned DW is a 2-legged jumper and it brought back alot of memories of D. Stephenson and how many times his 2-legged dunk attempts got snuffed because it gives defenders time to recover. Looking at those videos, look at how many times Dwill got mauled around the basket because he always wanted to jump off 2 feet. Normally I wouldn't care but it really sticks out on those videos..........granted that is just a sampling.

Either way, I'll be watching it unfold on Thursday night.


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Not right now obviously.. but fundamentally:

1. 3pt shot? Yes
2. Dribble & drive game? Yes
3. Inside game? Yes
4. Free throw shooting? Yes
5. 7 Footer? Near enough
6. Toughness? Yes
7. Clutchness? May be (it only took Dirk 13 years)

i totally agree here, does anyone think Dirk was born superstar?
I know how much he worked to get to this level, its all about working. Kobe makes shooting practise every morning by himself,he doesnt see himself as the best player in league and give up working, so if Kanter works as hard as Nowitzki , he will be as good as him im sure