Bulls Looking into Boozer Injury


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Evidently they also think the timing is strange



Immediately after Boozer provided an explanation, red flags went up around the NBA. After investing $80 million guaranteed in Boozer last summer, the Bulls want to make sure that he's telling the truth, remembering that he once famously reneged on an agreement to remain with the Cavs in 2004. From what we hear, that may have factored into the Bulls' decision to check out his story.



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Holy crap, lol. I would have guessed 15 games in at the earliest. He didn't suit up for them once. Love the drama.


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Relevant recent Boozer timeline

1. Boozer tries to divorce CeCe, in part, because he knows he has a new contract coming up
2. CeCe baits him back for the same reason
3. Boozer signs big guaranteed deal
4. CeCe pushes for the divorce with $$$ in her eyes
5. Boozer knows that, gets ****ing pissed
6. Boozer punches a wall (or something) and breaks hand
7. Boozer lies about his injury.
(8. Boozer has 8 weeks of salary voided from his deal)

That looks right. Though I think CeCe would've been getting a cut of his new contract, regardless.