Dante Exum Over Smart: Massive Failure


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He was so fat... stopped drinking a two liter of coke a day. He's just a weird player so I kinda get why people thought he might not work.
His body is still disgusting, tbh. And, he has some significant physique barriers to overcome (e.g. his extremely internally rotated shoulders) if he wants to improve his body.

He hasn’t shown himself to be the type of worker who wants to overcome these barriers. His defense will bear the brunt of all this.

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Everyteam sales picks for cash. It's common practice. I am in same boat as you. I know how hard free agency is For Jazz so they need to be drafting two players minimum every year. Need to utilize the g league team and like you said develop these young players. Problem is the fans are always pushing for roster changes and trades. The jazz did it and now we all see how it turned out with Conley.. now maybe the fans will back up some on always wanting to flip the rosters. A girlfriend of mine is sibling with someone that works in Jazz PR department and it's no secret that the jazz made roster moves last years because of soci pressure. They wanted to keep core and wanted to keep drafting and building around Mitchell but media tricked them into thinking donovan could win a chip now and they tried and it backfired. They need to go back to drafting and developing, like you mentioned
Not every team sells picks... and it wasn't a pick in the 50s. It was dumb and the reasoning behind it was dumber.

If Jazz management are making moves because of fan pressure then they dumb AF and we need new management.


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they have a low probability of hitting but if you tout your development team and then sell the chance to feed that development team multiple times... you get to receive some criticism.
i feel bad for our development team TBH. trying to teach lateral quickness to niang and verticality to bradley gotta be one of the toughest jobs in the business