Dante Exum to the Rockets


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Being overnighted to Houston.


Lord Bullingdon

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Deron was never an MVP, and was in the last year of his contract. Way different situation. And no it wasn't MASSIVE. They sold for 50 cents on the dollar.
We know for sure what Utah got back for Deron, not much... Buncha backups...

This is all young players involved and draft picks, how can u be so sure that your appraisal of said assets is even remotely in the right ballpark? (ask me the same question, ill lay out a thorougly bulletted response that deals with several multi-year outlooks..)
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Funny to me ppl are trying to downplay the return Houston got...
It’s really hard to make a case either way until we see where these picks and pick swaps actually land.

People who like the deal point out that Brooklyn could easily be down in dumps 5-6 years from now, which is certainly a possibility. What would worry me if I was Houston fan (barf) is the fact that Brooklyn has turned themselves into a FA destination spot and they’ll just be able to reload as opposed to rebuilding.