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I don't even know what to say at this point... he came back for 3 games, played a total of 26 minutes, scored 0 points, had 3 assists, 6 turnovers and then got hurt yet again. Unbelievable.


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The Ded thread was a momentary comedic relief for the puzzlement and frustration that surrounds Dante.

Tonights news isnt funny anymore. Poor kid.


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Scratched knee cap by fingernail. Will be evaluated in 5-8 weeks which will then be diagnosed as infected. He'll be ready to return next February.


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I thought it was 3 so that's nice

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That’s like sitting at work waiting for 5 pm and it’s 2:30... but then you realize your clock isn’t sprung forward, so it’s really 3:30. A tender mercy of the Lord, I presume.

However, my proverbial clock was already sprung forward, so it didn’t have as much psychological impact on me, unfortunately.

Jack Strop

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Memphis was willing to take him for conley and a first, but DL cant see straight when it comes to exum.
Cuz Exum is Lindsey's sole acquisition for all the losing he orchestrated. Lindsey was the champion of rebuild as opposed to KOC's retool. KOC had the Jazz vying for the WC Finals after just one bad season post-Malone and Stockton. Lindsey put Utah on a path of futility that amounted to nothing.
Drafted Burke. Bust.
Drafted Exum. Bust.
Drafted Lyles. Bust for a lottery pick. Middling trade bait.
Traded pick for Hill without securing a promise to re-sign. Huge mistake.
Traded pick for Bricky.
Drafted Allen. Looking like bust.

Now let's assume instead of a half-*** attempt at rebuilding (if you're going to lose, you need a couple of top-5 lottery picks), the "retool" strategy is put into place. Jazz build around Millsap, Favors and Hayward. They let Mo Williams go (that was a failure) and sign a FA PG. What's the result? Jazz don't take on salaries from GS. Instead, they make the playoffs every year. They still are able to draft Gobert and Hood with their own picks. Probably Lyles too. But if not, they have the assets to still make the trade with Denver to move up for Mitchell. They ONLY asset Lindsey DOESN'T get is Exum. That's it. Dante is the SOLE asset from LIndsey's tank. And that's why Dennis is so in love with Dante. To give up on him means Lindsey's strategy was a complete BUST. The "Process" in Utah meant an exercise in futility with Lindsey wasting FIVE #1 draft picks on PG's and having ZERO to show for it.

Oh yeah, the Jazz also have salaries that are at or over the cap year after year instead of at the bottom of the league. I'd really like to know how much in profits the Miller kids pulled out of the team before Gail set up the board. My guess is Greg orchestrated a huge resource drain. He was never that interested in basketball. His love was racing and expensive cars.

Lindsey has largely been a failure as a GM. It's time for Starks and the board to take a good hard look at him. I'd say give him this summer to make some improvements. And if he again fails, find another GM.


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plus Rubio and Favs
Was it ever actually reported that Favors was for sure a part of the deal? All the reports I've seen have said that the Jazz offered Rubio, other expiring's, a first and second round pick. The Grizzlies wanted Exum and the Jazz said no. The other expiring's the Jazz were offering could've been Thabo, Udoh and Neto.