DL out… kinda?


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It's past due, I don't think DL did as bad of a job as most.

My biggest problem was his inability to read his players and the market. The Jazz lost too many assets for nothing.


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Things that pissed me off about DL: Telling Hayward to go find his market value, pissing off Hayward. Not realizing Hayward was pissed and was looking to leave. He should have dealt him prior to his second FA. Re-signing Exum to eleven million dollars after all the injures. However he turned this mistake around to get JC which was one of his best moves. Then trading Favors the first time opening up space to sign FA. This was a good move. DL then screws it up by re-signing Favors for $9m for 3 years. Just a horrible deal. Especially considering all the talk about Jazz needing an athletic SF, something he never accomplished. I thought he gave away too much for Mike Conley. Everyone knew that Memphis wanted to deal Conley. They had just drafted the PG of the future. So what does he do, he gives away picks like they were Halloween candy. The Jazz were doing the Grizzlies a favor by getting rid of Conley's contract. The Jazz should have gotten some picks for doing so. Drafting Udoka was not that bad of a pick, it became horrible when he re-signed Favors. I give DL for signing Bogie. Unlike most people I think he is worth keeping. He really started playing like the old Bogie later in the season. I loved the JC deal too. I didn't mind getting Conley but I just think he could have negotiated a better deal.