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Donald is about to go through some things...

We all have wishes regarding other posters' behavior.
I applaud your cooler head in this exchange. The Thriller told you that your content f's up JF and Fish agrees with him! The Thriller and Fish think that if you want to post your opinions then you should go do it someplace where they don't have to read what you have to say.


And your response at being told by The Thriller and Fish to get off this forum was an unbelievably civil "We all have wishes regarding other posters behavior." Well done my man.

I loved the first comment on the article:

It was a beautiful phone call, the most innocent and perfect phone call I ever made. I said, look, give me a break, all I want you to do is pay by check so I can write it off as a business expense. There's nothing wrong with saying, well, you know, after we looked at paying by cash, we wouldn't be able to claim it on my taxes, there's nothing wrong with saying, I just needed a tax write off for paying off my former mistress.

At&T, Sprint, Consumer Cellular, Spectrum, they have all been calling me, begging me to make a phone call with them because my calls are always beautiful.

Some of them, when they beg me to make a call for them, they are literally crying into the phone. I can feel their tears through my end of the phone.