Donovan Mitchell Struggles


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4 games is way too early to be judging any of that tbh, but he is 24, still a couple years out of being in his true prime, if there isn’t really much of any improvement this year the deeper we get into the season I do think it’s fair to wonder if he can reach the MVP type super star level most of us think he’s capable of. PS I still very much think he’s going to have an amazing season and is that super star guy who can be potential MVP conversation level.

Sure, there’s still a lot of season left to see some improvements. His decision making and defense just look so rough so far. Think we’d be able to see some improvements there even if his shot wasn’t falling but it’s been the same old Don.

His success is almost entirely dependent on pure talent. But if he’s going to be more than a fringe all star he has to be able to make the game easier for himself and teammates through decision making as well as improve his defense effort on defense.

He has a very long way to go before even thinking about MVP level. If he’s ever going to come close, we’d have to start season some major improvements this season.


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Got his big contract. Now trying to force his way to Knicks.

Let's be honest. What young stud wouldn't rather showcase his abilities in NY than SLC? Not gonna begrudge him one bit for that. He has a lot of room to grow in Utah and hopefully he will.


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Donovan is so ineffective right now. He has to rethink how he is playing.

Rudy is so far and away playing the best for the Jazz right now but among the guards, DM is just not effective at anything.


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This is the only place where Mitchell gets some necessary criticism. He is more or less bulletproof from the national view. His lack of Efficiency just gets a pass.


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Maybe Conley has to go back to primary ballhandler
Maybe it's too much for Donovan to handle


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He'll be great when the Jazz start playing against bad defenses that our offense actually works against.
When Mitchell is running the show, there is no offense. Pure garbage. It is frankly impressive the Jazz are .500 right now because if he has the keys and plays like he has, it almost doesn’t matter how his teammates do.