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Game Thread Feb 12, 2024 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Warriors

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THT is a good teammate. Making everyone forget how rough Tay Hennys game has been.
Honestly, this team is almost unbearable to watch. Here we go again. We traded rotational players mid-way through the season for absolutely nobody and the fans are led to believe this is some sort of championship plan? I'll be surprised if this team can win 10 games to end the season. There is ZERO transition defense. None. We have 2 players that play defense and they have been barely get any playing time (Dunn and Walker). Getting 2 , maybe 3, more rookies in this garbage draft is going to help us? Our 2 rookies that play right now are YEARS away from being manageable. It just sucks
It’s like a 50/50 thing right now with Boler getting names right… Ryan it’s time buddy
How did we go from beating contenders on the road to being blown out by lottery teams at home?