Game Thread Feb 19, 2021 8:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers

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MT Steve

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They outworked us.

The shooting is almost dead even, but they were +6 on the offensive rebounds and had 7 more shot attempts. That's the game.

Moonlight Graham

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Can't win 'em all. A lot of things went wrong, and the game was still close. I still believe in this team.

I wonder if Favors is hurting. He's looked really sluggish the last few games.

The Thriller

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Conley 0 AST, Ingles 1 AST

We had 12 AST total
We need to get back to driving, throwing the lob, getting layups, and then shooting the 3. We became too obsessed with getting the 3 ball up that we forgot to run an offense. Bricking 3s also deflated our defense. We need to get back to fundamentals and not just Chuck up 3s because we can.


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We really haven't played very well the last few but we still won and tonight we had every chance to make this a game but just were too flat. Not a terrible loss but we have to figure it out.