Game Thread Feb 24, 2021 8:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Lakers

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I bet our strategy will be to take KCP out of the game entirely. Also Favors has to be able to jump tonight or Harrell is going to feast on the putbacks.


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I fear they will feast on put-backs. We need a team rebounding effort tonight, even with AD out of the mix. You better believe the rest of them will be working hard to compensate. We better come out physical and hyper-aggressive to start or we might get run over.

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Guys... I know you think you know what I'm going to say... but I have news for you... this is a must lose game.

You see we are running away with this thing if we win tonight... so then the Lakers can chill and rest dudes and take the 4/5 seed and avoid the Clips in the second round. We need to give them a sliver of hope and let them win this so they keep trying enough to stay in the 2/3 range.

Nah... **** that... its the Lakers. This **** is a must win game.


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Absolutely a confidence building must win game.

Win this one and we are in complete control of the West.