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One Brow

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I can't show any damn fool how to make a bomb he can't blow himself up with.
I would not expect you to be able to. If I wanted such advice, I would not go to a chemist.

You imagine such work is done by highly decorated scientific greats.
Your description of my imagination indicates a failure of your imagination.

I'm going back to paper. Paper and Ink are harder to manage.
I agree they have their charms.


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@One Brow

You sardonically quipped about whether Ik new of any "wanted apparent problems" regarding state-sanctioned medical options.

Yes, indeed.

Good..... as in very high..... prices.

Statist approvals, mandates, public promotional programs.

Patents restricting manufacture to corporate sponsors of political officials, who will promote and even pay for the crap..

The perfect storm of problems even includes governments guaranteeing profits for developers of the medical crap.

media willingness to support promotions of the crap, and suppress public commentary or objections that don't comply with the mass hysteria.

I could go on.......


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You would think......... but then there are a number of posters who ONLY post in GD. Makes it seem like maybe they didn't come here because they are jazz fans.

I only post in the Jazz forum when I want to remember why I stopped watching sports in the first place. Life is so much easier and less chaotic when you’re not constantly let down by something you have poured hundreds and hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into. Think about that for a while. It’s actually quite horrible.

Anyway, it looks like OB didn’t really leave, so this is moot. If he actually does though? It’ll be the single biggest loss this board will ever suffer.