Gordon Hayward broke his hand


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I used to be angry about how he set us back, but also glad he was gone (after he exposed himself and after we had the two years of feel-good teams). I liked seeing him suck, because I felt it was karma, and we got the last laugh. I think Bojan has healed these wounds, as I now no longer care. Would prefer to beat him full strength so there aren’t excuses. But in any case, I’m not concerned if he’s successful or not, because we (at least me) can now move on and put his occupation in our mind where it belongs — nowhere.


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Need more details, but something like broken 4th or 5th metacarpal can only take 4-5 weeks to heal and may not require surgery. If it is thumb or 2d metacarpal fracture like in Curry case it could be much longer and more serious.
In anyway sucks for Hayward, was just rounding back into his pre injury shape and now this.


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Yeah, sucks for him. As I said in the Goat vs Hayward thread yesterday I've forgiven him and want to see him do well. I am a firm believer in karma though and wonder if he completely pissed the karma gods off with the way he left here. The chances of him getting hurt the way he did in his very first game is statistically insanely low.


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He literally just ran into Aldridge on a standard run of the mill play. Even Exum wouldn't have gotten injured that easily. Sheesh.