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Have you ever known someone famous... before they were famous?

I'm watching Colbie Caillat Guitar Center Sessions on Audience Network (an obscure channel on directv) and seein my dude Justin Young jam out on the ole geetar. Justin Young is Colbie Caillat's lead guitarist and back up singer as well as her boyfriend apparently *blushing for knowing that*. Anyway, he's an old family friend of ours as his mom was the social worker that got my mom adopted out of Korea. Whenever my family and I would go to LA to visit family and friends we would get together with his mom and him. He is a real cool guy in real life, but it's funny because whenever I'd see him, I always knew he was a musician trying to make it and I wasn't sure if he would, but he always seemed to have "it". He was tall, cool, stylish, handsome... oh lord I have a bo-bo... anyway you get my drift, he's a neat dude. So a few years later he's serenading the Prez at the Whitehouse, bangin a pop star, and traveling the country, it seems like he's doing pretty well for himself.

So I wonder, do you guys know anybody that's famous? I'd like to hear about it!


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Peter Breinholt and I are good friends. I'm sure I spelled his name wrong and I don't know if he qualifies as famous, but I've known him for years; waaaay before he was mainstream, yo.


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Quinn Allmon from The Used lived in my ward boundaries. He went by Quinton growing up and came to scouting events but wasn't an active Mormon or anything. He was good friends with a kid in the ward (probably several actually) who I've heard was in his band before quitting to serve an LDS mission. He was a dick so and this makes me happy.

My circle of friends worked with the father of Brandon Flowers from The Killers before they became famous. He brought in a couple of CD's for people to listen to. Very cool guy, very laid back, and drove this kick *** project restoration car that looked kind of like a herse. His daughter was HOT and married the biggest BYU nerd ever produced, and we would all pull the WTF card when she'd come by to drop his dinner off. Then Terry started and we had to shut up about it. You can guess how long he lasted working there after The Killers blew up--about a day and a half.
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I went to the same grammar school as Chris Rock - although he was a few grades ahead of me, my brother knew him.

I knew former Congressman Antony Weiner when he was just a congressional aid for Chuck Schumer.

I also knew a very young Michelle Trachtenberg - her parents used to bring her into a store I worked at when I was in High School. She always used to flirt with me -- so I got that going for me.


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I get to sit next to Craig Bolerjack all the time, but he's kind of an ***, so I call him Craig Bolerjerk. It's just one of many creative names and sayings I come up with.


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I knew Kanter before many of you know him. But if the OP means actually knowing(meeting) then, nope.


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I was friends with two sorta famous people now back in high school. Marlon Shirley is a Paralympic Games gold medal winner, winning gold in 2000 and 2004. He's won 5 total medals in track. Back in high school he was an annoying dumbass, but so was I. I think that's why we were friends. We didn't bother each other. The other famous person is Travis Eberhard, who played Albert in 17 Miracles and Adam in Church Ball. Wasn't really close friends...more like I knew him and would say hi when I saw him.

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no but i guarantee my friend's cousin who i hooked up with last summer makes it big. she's really talented. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cu5qXemB9c