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Hell on Wheels

Archie Moses

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Anyone else watching this? The pilot was a bit slow, but it picked up at the end. The second episode was even better and I really liked the new creepy villain guy. AMC does such a good job at filming series with movie production quality. If you're looking for a new show I would recommend this one.

Gyp Rosetti

I'm gonna see if this is available via On Demand yet. I tried to DVR American Horror or whatever that show is as I've heard people rave about it. Sadly, Verizon Fios seems to have every freakin' channel avilable OD other than FX.


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Yeah, Common is in it. Our friend that we have been watching Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead wants us to get caught up with him on this show. Looking forward to it as I have heard good things.


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How does Common do from an acting standpoint? There are few, few musicians that give me as big of a broner as Common

Saint Cy of JFC

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I will have to check it out. The Walking Dead is frustrating me this season with his appalling slow plot development and lack of action.