How has the virus affected you directly?


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I'm sorry. Hope you stay well and get your sense of smell back. Any idea where you got it?
No, I've been going to stores a bit and ate at a few restaurants over the last few weeks. I do wear a mask and sanitize my hands constantly but I do have a bad habit of touching my face and such so it could have been anywhere.


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I remember you saying a lot of what you use comes from China and that a shortage would be happening soon.

Is that what’s happening with the breakers you think?
I would guess. It’s mainly hitting the HomeLine brand of SquareD. My main suppliers don’t stock that brand (one is a Siemens distributor and the other GE) so I buy that brand from Home Depot.
I’ve seen it in LED lights as well, but not nearly as bad.

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Have a broken part for my RAZR that needs replaced. The virus has shut down the Polaris factory causing a ridiculous delay in getting a replacement part. Going on 3 weeks now.