Is Quin really a good coach?


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When he was hired I thought he was very modern and ahead of the game...but nowadays, there's nothing unique about a spread PnR or drop coverage defense. The game has passed him. There are still a lot of bad/unproven coaches so I'd call him average. But he's definitely not one of the best coaches in the league. His reputation is better than his performance.

Besides X's and O's he also lost the locker room last season.

Ok dumbass. Stupid take.

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I love coach Q and think he should be around for awhile. The only thing that I don’t love is that he tends to stick to his rotations a little too religiously. For example, last night Clarkson had 40 and was one 3 pointer away from franchise record but Q took him out of the game with about 5 minutes left and the Sixers were well within reach. Just wondering why take out someone that hot?

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