Game Thread Jan 12, 2021 5:30PM MT: Jazz at Cavaliers

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Saint Cy of JFC

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Right? Not even hard passes just basic bounce passes he’s been bobbling.
Yeah, it's a bit weird. I think a part of it is that his leg's are just gone. Doesnt really matter much on D because his positioning is so elite, but on offense I think it's hurt him. That and I think the offense is just less focused around him and more focused on isolation.


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Quin is always so slow to do this.... drives me nuts but not just because we wanna see the scrubs.
In all fairness it should be the losing team waiving the towel first before we can start bring in scrubs. But then I just realized this is pretty much a G league Cavs team already with four of their starters being out. No wonder Niang's G league legend mode has been switched to "on"