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Jazz actually trying to move up?

If you get #4, you take Wesley Johnson and don't look back. With Cousins, you'll have constant complaining that Sloan's too hard and that there's nothing to do in Utah. He's talented, but I can envision a Luther Wright-like fall from grace.

Johnson is a Utah kind of guy and IMO will end up being the best player from this draft.

I don't know that Johnson will be the best player of this draft, but I will say that on the Jazz I can guarantee at least one All-Star game on his rookie contract. He's also what I'd consider to be one of only three sure-things in this draft as far as star-potential is concerned (the other two being Wall and Turner, Favors' lack of production/impact scares me, Cousins has insane boom/bust potential, and everyone else has significant question marks, IMO).
Tomic will play in the NBA, he is quickly becoming one of the best Euro players in the top Euro league. He will make the transition eventually.