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Jazz actually trying to move up?


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Didn't see any posts about this blog from Steve Luhm. What really caught my eye was this:

One item from Hoopshype.com over the weekend is worth noting.

The web site reported that, according to HoopsMarket.com, a basketball-related blog that I never previously visited, Minnesota coach Kurt Rambis attended a recent game in Europe between Caja Laboral and Real Madrid.

According to HoopsMarket.com, a Spanish newspaper claimed Rambis paid "special attention" to Ante Tomic, a 23-year-old Croatain center who the Jazz drafted in 2008.

If true, the potential impact on the Jazz is clear.

Why would Rambis be checking on Tomic unless the Jazz were open to trading his rights. And what makes more sense than Utah trying to use Tomic and move up in the draft?

Minnesota owns the No. 4 pick, where it will likely have a choice of players like Syracuse's Johnson, Kentucky's Cousins or somebody like Kansas' Cole Aldrich.

If none of them excite the Timberwolves, perhaps they would be willing to trade the pick to Utah for the rights to Tomic and the No. 9 selection.

Hopefully the front office is actually working on something...

Anyone really believe that Tomic + #9 = #4? I'd love it if it were true, but the Wolves would have to be complete idiots to take that.
What the **** is HoopsMarket.com? Sounds pretty established and credible.
Holy **** if there's any truth to this at all. Wow.

I doubt there is any truth to it, though.
IMO if you can't move up to 1-3 there really isn't a big reason to. 4-10 seems like a total crap shoot.